Sharp Vision™

[Sharp Development is the BEST!]
One review said. Another disagreed.
[Their app is the worst. Useless at best.]
Smith decided to download it and test
how the app changed the world he sees.
It downloaded faster than expected.

He checked the file size and was surprised
[5kb] Much smaller than expected.
“Maybe it’s a setup file,” he surmised.
He opened the game planning to wait.
He was greeted with ToS instead.

Smith [Accepted] but didn’t read or inspect.
It asked for permission to his camera.
[Accept] Another prompt came up. [Accept]
“Did that say ‘my soul’?”

As he wondered, his camera turned on.
He saw his room but it all looked normal.
He walked to the mirror from the bed.

He gasped at the text on camera.
It floated there above his head;

Three letters: N P C

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