Sharp Fan

“Is this a test?” Bobby eyed the ragged pink journal without moving to take it. The unicorn on the cover looked more frayed than he remembered. Three different colored bookmarks, red, green and blue, protruded out of the aged pages. “Since when can I touch your diary?” Carrie shook her head and shoved the book at him again.

“Since it’s not my diary,” she said. Bobby gave her a curious look but finally accepted the book. “Open it at the red bookmark and read the entry,” Carrie said. Bobby opened the book and stared at the passage inside; the handwriting didn’t resemble Carrie’s penmanship at all.

“December 25, 1893 – Santa brought me a node! I can finally join the rest of the world in the AlterNet!” Bobby looked up at Carrie with confusion. She leaned closer and slammed the book closed in his hands, then she opened it again at the red bookmark.

“Read it again,” she said.

“April 20, 2020 – Dana Sharp has just saved the human race from extinction! Thanks to the AlterNet we can escape the pandemic!” Bobby turned the page over, but the next page was blank. He went back a few pages and found them blank also.

“Been working on a magic trick?” He asked. Carrie shook her head.

“Every time I open the book there’s a different entry; I think they’re entries from an alternate universe. I don’t know how it works yet, but the three spots I bookmarked are always kind of the same, even if the rest of the diary is different.”

“There’s nothing else in the diary,” Bobby said. He flipped through the blank pages for her. Carrie shook her head and pulled the book out.

“I said whenever ‘I’ open it.” Carrie flipped through pages and Bobby saw text on each sheet that wasn’t there before. “I think it’s my diary, like alternate versions of me, I found it right next to my actual diary.”

“You found a pattern?” Bobby asked. Carrie nodded and shoved the book into his hands again.

“The red bookmark is always about something called the AlterNet. It mentions Dana Sharp often, but not always. The blue bookmark always talks about Dana Sharp.” Carrie opened the book to the blue placeholder and showed Bobby the entry.

“May 17, 2023 – I GOT THE JOB!!!!! Dana Sharp is humanity’s savior and I landed a spot on the cleanup crew! I’ll be out there helping rebuild humanity. She gave us all a second chance,” Bobby read, then he shrugged.

“Sounds like Dana Sharp has quite a following,” he said. Carrie grinned.

“The blue one is always an entry about how awesome and helpful Dana Sharp is. The green one…,” Carrie reached out and opened the journal to page held by the green bookmark.

“September 9, 2525 – I don’t trust Dana Sharp for a second. I’m working on a story that will show the world how corrupt and evil Dana Sharp is. I have reason to believe my life is in danger, but humanity needs to know the truth.”

“Okay, I believe you. What now?” Bobby asked. Carrie shrugged.

“Help me go through it, maybe we can find out how to get in contact with her.”

“Oh, that’d be awesome. I wonder what your doppelganger is like,” Bobby smiled. Carrie shook her head.

“Not the other me. I want to meet Dana Sharp.”

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