Family Dinner

“Finally, someone to eat, I’m starving,” the brunette said when she opened the door. Ted sighed but smiled at the well-worn joke. He’d never delivered to this house before but heard hundreds of variations of the comment. His friends in retail often complained about customers claiming, “It must be free!” anytime an item didn’t scan, he felt equally tired of, “Finally, someone to eat,”.

“Family meal, right?” he asked. The brunette nodded and Ted used the moment to admire her sheer gown. He stared through it for a moment too long before she interrupted him.

“How much?” She asked.

“Oh, uh,” Ted blushed and stammered at the same time. “40 even,” he said and held out the large white plastic bag filled with carry-out cartons. The brunette took an extra moment to caress his hand before taking the bag from him, then she handed him a clear glass card. He took the card and started to turn around, but she reached forward and grabbed his shoulder.

“You know, I ordered all this food because I expected more company tonight. Unfortunately, that’s not happening anymore and I couldn’t possibly eat all this alone,” she said and stepped close enough to breathe on his ear. “You look so lean and strong,” she squeezed his shoulder firmly. “I think we’d both have a delicious night,” she kissed his earlobe.

Ted was tempted to turn around and go in her house right then and there, but when he clenched his hands to fight the urge, he felt the card in his hand.

“I STILL HAVE TO CHARGE YOU!” he blurted and dashed down the sidewalk to his car, thankful for a moment to clear his head. Once in his car, he ran the card through a slot on the dashboard. The payment was accepted and Tedd closed his eyes for a moment. After weighing the pros and cons, and taking several glances out the window at the barely dressed woman, Ted decided.

He stepped out of his car, went to the trunk, and pulled out a medium-sized suitcase while still trying to talk himself into his decision.

You’re doing the right thing,” he told himself. “You won’t regret it,” He hauled the suitcase up to her door, smiled, and gave her the card back.

“So, what do you think?” she asked and adjusted her posture to make her chest more prominent. “Care to join me for dinner?” she asked. Ted dropped the suitcase on her doorstep and shook his head.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t eat humans. Anyway…,” he nodded at the suitcase. “…there’s the first one.” he turned and headed toward the car. “I’ll be back with the rest of the family in a sec.”

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