Letter of Acceptance

Alice hid trembling and frightened.
The dark closet was her final defense.
Her jaw was clenched, her fists: tightened.
Across the Earth roamed an evil presence.
Walking skeletons slaughtered the living.

Her trembles bumped open a box;
an envelope fell out. her name and a note like a bold header.
“Alice: Extreme emergencies only. (P.S. Your dad rocks.)”
She smiled at the unopened letter.

It was the only reminder of her father; she held her breath.
He was a practical joker with a dark sense of humor.
“This is definitely extreme; it’s life or death,”

She smiled at the card signed by her dad; it was somehow relieving.
A cartoonish tombstone engraved, surrounded by flowers in bloom.

“See you soon!”

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