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“Before we start..,” Ace grinned at his crew. The group of eight ranged in age from 19 to 27, with Ace in the middle at 23. They all stood in the middle of what seemed to be an endless wheat field.  “I’ve got great news! This is our first sponsored episode!”

“No way!” Debbie cheered loudest; though, everyone had a positive reaction. Sponsorship meant Debbie wasn’t financing their show entirely out of pocket. “That’s awesome!” She wanted to find out more, but Ace put on his work face and started getting them organized.

“I’ll go first like we planned,” Ace said. “Then, before I pass it on to you…,” he pointed at Debbie. “…I’ll just say a quick intro for the sponsor for Mike to put the ad spot in later. ” Seven heads nodded in agreement and Ace smiled.

“Alright guys, let’s get started.” Ace walked through the amber wheat until he stood about 15 feet away from Mike the cameraman. After the two shared a countdown, Ace spoke into the camera.

“Hello and welcome to, AlterNet Advice where we share everything you need to know to make the best of your class. In this episode, we’ll be covering Bards, Spellslingers, Dancers, Librarians, and Card Mages. I’ve been wanting to do this episode for a while because as most of you regular viewers already know…,” Ace held up his hand. A  single white card materialized in his fingertips.

“Card Mage is something I know a little bit about.” He fluttered his fingers and the card disappeared. “Like always we’ll take turns covering the basics of our classes, then we’ll have a second round of more advanced advice for certain souls.”

“Unlike most other classes, the Card Mage only has two recognized sub-specializations. Those are the Gambler, and the Card Mage proper. A word of advice here, do not spec into Gambler if you are not Unique Soul #25, El Borracho.”

“Gamblers are entirely luck-based, and every other Gambler you meet will be a Borracho able to control their luck, and yours.” Ace reached into his pockets with both hands and then brought them up in front of the camera to show two decks of cards.

“A Card Mage’s abilities are defined by their decks. They can use a maximum of two different themed decks at the same time. I like to use Robot and Ninja decks, but there are many to choose from. Pirates, Steampunk, Magic and Clowns just to name a few.” Both decks disintegrated out of his hands.

“So, what does a Card Mage do, you might ask,” Ace said. “Thanks to their deck variety, a Card Mage can fill any spot on a derby team. However, their main skillset revolves around controlling the flow of the game.” Ace held up a card and Mike zoomed in on it. The card showed a green forest.

[Zone: Fairy Forest] a deep voice announced. The amber around Ace disintegrated at the same time that tall green pine trees shot up out of the ground. In seconds the amber field was replaced with a dense forest full of bright, tiny dancing lights.

“Zones let you control your play field for various bonuses. The Fairy Forest grants a boost in resource-gain for your team. The earlier you get this zone out, the better it is for your team in the long run.”

[Zone: Fairy Graveyard] the deep voice announced again. The vibrant green trees withered down to black and brown trunks. The multicolor dancing lights all changed to a single color: red.

“The Fairy Graveyard heals your team members a small amount for every lap they complete. You’ll find there are cards for everything; from these examples to some powerful cards that damage the opposing team when they complete a lap.

“Spell cards and Summon cards are exactly what you’d think. Use Spell cards to buff your teammates or your own monsters called with a Summon card.”

“And finally there are Trap cards that can be activated under specific circumstances or as reactions. Learn to use them.” The dead forest melted and became windswept wheat again. “That’s it for the Card Mage basics, we’ll go more in detail in a bit,” He nodded at Debbie off-camera so she would be ready.

For now, I’m going to pass it over to Debbie so she can talk to you all about the Dancer class. But before that, here’s a word from our sponsor- Raid: Shadow Legends.”

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