Open House. Open Door.

Wilma stopped in the kitchen. An uneasy feeling tickled the back of her mind; but, she couldn’t identify the source. She glanced over the butcher block countertop and cabinets but nothing jumped out at her. Wilma turned to stare out the bay window by the empty breakfast nook. Nothing in the yard seemed out of the ordinary either. She stood still for a moment listening to the silence of the house, then a pressing thought formed. She suddenly had the feeling that she might have left some food in the pantry.

Wilma walked through the narrow galley kitchen toward the wooden pantry door, then stopped again. The light door that matched the countertops faced her; but, she became aware of another, darker door on the side of the wall. The darker door faced the barren living room and from what Wilma could see would have opened to shelves.

That’s new…,” Wilma mumbled while she wondered when the door showed up. She guessed the realtor had it installed while she was out of town; it was the only thing that made sense. But Wilma had no idea why. She had been in and out of the house over a dozen times while loading the boxes and hadn’t noticed the door until now.

The moment she decided to inspect it, the new door swung up toward her. On the other side, a young blonde woman in a baby blue polo shirt and black slacks walked out into the living room.

“Perfect!” the blonde woman said as she surveyed the sunny room. Any questions Wilma had about the door were superseded by the stranger.

“Hi, can I help you?” Wilma startled the blonde as she walked out of the kitchen. The woman whirled around and smiled at Wilma. She noticed the woman’s blue shirt sported a golden star on the left breast with the words “Star Academy” written around it.

“Hi, I’m Micha,” she said. “It’s for sale, right?” Wilma was surprised, but nodded.

“Would you like a tour?” she asked, then extended a hand. “My name is Wilma.”

“Nah, I’ll take it,” the woman grinned. “Are you the realtor?” Wilma gave her head a slight shake.

“Really? What if there’s something wrong with it?” Wilma asked. She didn’t quite believe that this strange woman was ready to buy a house at the drop of a hat..

“Is there?” Micha asked. Wilma shook her head. The hardwood floors were actually linoleum, but overall the house was in great repair.

“I can fix whatever comes up, the important thing is, I was able to connect,” Micha nodded at the open door she came through. 

Connect?” Wilma asked and faced the door. Despite the sunlight pouring in through the front windows, she could not see anything beyond the door’s threshold. It was just inky, empty darkness.

“Oh, wait. Do you guys know about the multiverse yet?” she asked. Wilma turned back toward Micha with wide eyes.

“Do you mean like…,” Wilma dropped her voice to a near whisper. “Alternate universes?” she asked. Micha nodded.

“The short version is: I’m from an alternate universe. It’s not easy to connect a doorway to a halfway decent house, much less one as beautiful as this.” Wilma wanted to ask for proof somehow, but she couldn’t explain how Micha walked in from out of nowhere.

“Umm… how does that work financially?” Wilma asked. She was curious about how Micha expected to pay if she was in fact from a different universe.

“Oh, that’s no problem,” Micha replied. She wiggled her left hand at her open right palm. A small black hole appeared above it and a few gold coins and diamonds rained out before the hole closed again. “We can trade for currency.”

“Wow,” Wilma had to admit it; Micha was almost definitely from a different universe. “You’re not kidding are you?” she asked. Micha shook her head with a grin. “What’s your universe like?”

“Kind of boring,” Micha replied. “Wanna take a look?” she nodded at the open door. Wilma nodded eagerly.


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