Chomp of the Litter

“Why are you out?” Rook sighed as the coffee cup nibbled and growled on her fingers. Her translucent yellow eyes glanced around the rest of the common room and settled on a large brown leather recliner. It was one of two in the room. The other one was empty; but, the one Rook eyed had an open metal box sitting on top. “Because someone didn’t put the lid back,” she grumbled. Rook gripped the mimic gnawing on her fingers, it instantly changed its form from a coffee mug to a red squeeze ball.

“No, I’m not playing with you,” she said as she carried the ball over to the box. She looked in and was relieved to see a hairbrush, a wooden block, and three toothbrushes. “At least your siblings are accounted for,” Rook said. She lifted her hand and dropped the ball on the three toothbrushes. Each of the toothbrushes changed into a colored ball the instant the red one touched them. In moments four colored balls were chasing each other around the box with playful yelps and growls. Rook paid close attention to the four balls because there should have been six.

“Five,” Rook giggled. She noticed the wooden block changed itself to metal; it wanted to stay asleep not roll around and play. The hairbrush had not changed at all. She grabbed the brush and shook it wildly. Nothing happened. “Damnit,” She tossed the brush back into the box and scanned the room again.

She spotted a hairbrush sitting on a bookshelf against the wall. It was the exact same aqua-green hairbrush with white bristles that was in the box.

“Gotcha,” Rook walked across the room and grabbed the brush. It immediately growled in her hand and started gnawing on her. “Yeah, this isn’t old yet,” Rook rolled her eyes and chuckled.

“And I’ll make sure there’s a…,” Rook stopped walking once she reached the box and looked down. The metal box now had a metal lid sealing the baby mimics in. “…lid. Where’d you come from?” she asked. She reached out and touched the lid; it immediately growled and clamped on to her fingers. Its form transitioned to a small metal block biting her pinky.

“You sneaky little jerks,” Rook laughed. “That’s how you got out.” The four balls were still rolling around, she held the growling brush in one hand and biting block in the other. “Alright, you’re all here.”

Rook dropped the brush and pushed the block off her finger into the box.

“Where the hell’s that lid?” Rood did not see it anywhere in the room.

[Guild: Anyone seen the lid? -Rook] She sent a Whisper to ask the rest of the guild.

[Guild: What lid? -Grace] [Guild: Lid for Chomper’s kids. -Rook] She carried on the conversation with the guild while standing over the box; she didn’t want to take her eyes off them.

[No, but there’s a spare. -Grace] She responded to Rook directly.

[Check the kitchen. -Grace] Rook sighed.

“Spare?” She decided to take the box with her instead of leaving it unattended.

[Why does a box have a spare lid? -Rook] She asked while she walked from the common room to the kitchen.

[Don’t know. -Grace] [I saw two lids. Put one away. -Grace]  Rook laughed.

[LOL. One of these is a genius. -Rook] [It can turn itself into a lid. -Rook] She reached the galley style kitchen and headed straight for the lid drawer. Since Grace put it away she knew exactly where it’d be. As she opened the drawer, Rook felt Grace’s laughter run through her body.

[LOL. We’ll have to be careful. -Grace] she replied.

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