Sharp Offer

“I don’t get it,” William said. “If it does half the things you say why aren’t you putting it out under your own name?” The head of WillTech sat in a large white office in front of Dana Sharp. The pale woman sighed.

“You don’t get it,” she said. Her assistant Melody giggled from behind her. Melody wore an all-black version of Dana’s white suit. “I’m not buying your company Mr. Tasker, I’m buying your employees. I am releasing this app,” she paused and glared at William. “..that does everything I promised, under my company’s name. What I need is a group from your Earth to take the credit and deal with the spotlight that would keep me distracted from other projects.” William tilted his head.

“Did you say ‘your Earth’?” he asked.

“Mr. Tasker, Running a multi-versal corporation keeps me very busy. Your group has won a lottery of sorts. The app is already developed, you would be getting paid for nothing. If you’re not interested in claiming the prize, I have other teams to offer it to.”

“How.. uh,.. how does it do those things?” William asked. “I mean, if I’m going to be dealing with the press I have to know how it gives people superpowers.”

“It would be too complicated for you to explain. However, you will of course have prepared statements. You would be representing Sharp Development Mr. Tasker; I’m not going to leave you out to dry. Everything else is a minor detail that’s probably already taken care of. The only thing I need from you right now is a yes or no answer: Would you like your team to market my new app?”

“Can I see it in action?” William asked.

“No,” Ms. Sharp said with a faint smirk.

“What?!” William laughed. “You’re asking me to put my company on the line for something I can’t test with my own eyes?”

“Somehow, you’re still failing to understand that your company has nothing to do with this. Furthermore, the offer is rescinded. You may not see it in action because your group is no longer in consideration. Thank you for your time Mr. Tasker. Please leave.”

“What? No, I want in!” He didn’t notice Melody moved until she was standing next to him. She pulled him up by his shoulder with surprising strength.

“When the app is released and more successful than you can imagine I hope you remember today,” Ms. Sharp smiled. “The day you wasted my time with a question instead of a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’.”

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