Hellish Plan

Satan gawked at the opened photo album on his obsidian desk. He had high expectations going into the meeting; Ms. Sharp’s personal assistant had to be organized if nothing else.  But flipping through the photos shattered all his expectations. He expected to give her some notes, maybe a helpful hint here or there but she left him nothing to critique.

“Are they okay?” Melody asked. She sat across from him in her black suit. Satan got a kick out of the question; it wasn’t an unusual question, but it somehow sounded insecure. It was the first time Satan ever talked with Melody alone; he now realized Ms. Sharp’s presence gave Melody her usual self assured demeanor.

“Your ideas are better than anything I could ever come up with; your work is honestly very impressive,” Satan replied.

“Thank you.”

“Let me ask you,” Satan closed the photo album and slid it to the side. Then, he leaned forward on his desk. “Why do you want this job?”

“It was Ms. Sharp’s idea,” Melody replied. “She wants me to report back anything I think she’ll find interesting. However, aside from that; it’s always been a hobby of mine. A passion, you could say.” Satan blinked at her candor.

“I suppose Ms. Sharp told you to tell me all that?” he asked. Melody nodded.

“Ms. Sharp thought it best to not try and slip a lie past Satan himself.”

“She’s a smart woman,” Satan chuckled at Melody. Her expression didn’t change but she nodded.

“Yes. She is,” she replied.

“Well if it were up to me, you’d have the job already based on your handiwork alone. But it’s not,” he chuckled again. Melody gave a faint smirk that Satan decided was a laugh. “I’ll hold on to this,” he patted the album,” to show off what you can do.I’ll get back to you with an answer by tomorrow.”

“Please inform Ms. Sharp of the decision. She may have changed her mind or have additional stipulations by then,” Melody stood and gave a curt nod to Satan. Then, she turned and left his office.

When she was gone Satan grabbed the album again and sat back in his chair to admire the photos. Bright whites and chocolate browns dominated the decor. An elegant centerpiece decorated each table in the picture and Satan couldn’t help but smile at the 9-tier wedding cake.

“My boy’s all grown up,” Satan sniffled.

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