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“Your father and I will be gone for a week…,” Eileen said. The 53-year-old mother encouraged her son while she finished labeling a week’s worth of pre-prepared meals. “…that means your sister will be taking care of things.”

“I know, mom,” Alex grumbled. The 27-year-old leaned against the counter and stared down at the white tile floor. “I’m not going to cause any trouble for her.” Eileen put away the last meal and closed the fridge; then, she walked over and put a hand on Alex’s shoulder.

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about, Lex,” she said. Alex rolled his eyes at his mom’s nickname. It wasn’t worth arguing about anymore; he ignored it like she ignored his eye roll. “Your sister is just one person and she can’t be everywhere at once. In fact..,” Eileen nodded at a color-coded schedule on their stainless steel fridge. “…she knows that so well she decided to plan her week. That’s everywhere she’s going to be all week, and when,” Eileen grinned at Alex.

“If you wanted to get involved in some mischief, well no one would ever know.” Alex sighed.

“I’ll think about it, mom,” he said.

“And she said she’d be too busy to worry about whatever…,” Eileen used air-quotes. “… ‘dumb plans‘ you have for the week anyway.”

“Okay,” Alex nodded. “I get it. Maybe I’ll hit a bank or something, okay?” Eileen beamed.

“Your suit is washed and in the closet,” she leaned forward and kissed his forehead. “Ellie said if something happens and she does have to show up, just run and she’ll let you get away.”

“C’mon, mom,” Alex sighed. “No one’s going to believe anyone ran away from someone that can fly as fast as she can. And everyone knows she has x-ray vision, so I can’t hide either. We might as well announce Princess Supreme and Lex Lazer are working together.”

“They will believe it, because Lex Lazer has a new weapon…,” Eileen opened her purse on the counter and dug through it. She pulled something out and tossed it to Alex. “…powered by this magical space rock.” Alex caught the faintly glowing, green rock in his hands.

“What’s this? When did you guys go to space?” he asked. Eileen giggled.

“We didn’t. It’s just a rock your dad painted green. Whenever you fire a laser through it at Ellie, she’ll pretend she got dazed and you can run for it. It’ll work on us too, when we come back. But, you can really make a name for yourself while we’re gone. Maybe even move out into your own villain’s lair,” she said.

“I’ll think about it,” Alex said and gave his mother a hug.

“It doesn’t have to be a bank, you can start small like that convenience store up the street.”

“Enjoy the trip, mom,” Alex said as he moved to leave the kitchen.

“You’d better commit some villainy young man!” Eileen shouted playfully, but they both knew it was as good as an order.

“I’ll think about it!” Alex’s shout came from the hallway and Eileen smiled to herself. They both knew it was a, ‘yes’.

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