Sharp Repercussions

“It’s gone, Sir,” the faceless soldier spoke up from the row of monitors. “There’s no impact, no debris, no sign of it anywhere,” the soldier’s voice carried his subdued relief. Then, the room erupted into cheers.

Commander Walden breathed his own sigh of relief, then turned to face Ms. Sharp.

“How’d you do it?” he asked. “Where’d it go?”

“It hardly matters,” Ms. Sharp replied. “The important thing is, I held up my end of the deal. Now it’s your turn.”

“My turn?” Commander Walden grinned, then chuckled.

“I still have no proof you did what you claimed.” Ms. Sharp sighed.

“Mr. Walden,” Ms. Sharp said. “You’d do well to consider your next step very carefully. It was a simple agreement; I make the meteor disappear and you inform the president about what I did. There’s no room for renegotiating. Let me assure you the consequences of trying to cheat me are much worse than putting in a word for me to  the president.” Commander Walden shrugged.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he said with a grin. “If there were a meteor threatening the Earth, we’d know about it. But, there isn’t. So, it seems you haven’t done a thing. This is military property, please leave the premises.” Ms. Sharp sighed again but nodded in understanding.

“Melody,” she said. Her assistant, who remained silent thus far, nodded. A black portal appeared next to them, Commander Walden recognized it as the same kind she walked out of.

“No hard feelings, eh?” Commander Walden winked at Ms. Sharp as she stepped into the black portal. “You’d have done the same thing for your Earth,” he said. Ms. Sharp paused before the black hole swallowed her, she faced the commander and shook her head.

“I wouldn’t have, Mr. Walden. My word means everything. However, I do understand,” she said with a slight smile. “You made a choice. No hard feelings. Bring it back, Melody,” she said, then disappeared into the hole.

“Wa… WAIT! Bring it back!?” Commander Walden shouted in surprise. Melody nodded and gave him her own smile.

“What’d you expect?” Melody asked. “You’re the one that broke the deal.”

“METEOR IMPACT IN 10 SECONDS!” one of the soldiers yelled. Commander Walden was distracted by the shout. By the time he looked back to Melody for help she was gone.

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