Alien: Zero

“Are you here about the alien!?” Ryan asked as soon as the door was open. Checking the peephole told him a pair of men in black suits with sunglasses knocked on his door. His parents were due back any minute and he wanted to give the agents as much a head start as possible.

“Ryan Connors? You called in the tip?” the short agent asked. Their height was the only obvious difference between the two men. At a closer look, the shorter one had noticeable specks of grey in his dark brown hair.

“Yeah!” Ryan grinned; his plan was working perfectly. “C’mon she’s watching TV.” The 10-year-old blonde boy stepped aside to let the two men in. Once they were in the foyer he ushered them into the next room and pointed at his sister. The 3-year-old girl with baby-blue curls sat on the couch focused on a cartoon.

Ryan watched the two men stare at his adopted sister, then look at each other. The tall one shook his head.

“I’m sure you’ll be happy to know…,” the short agent said with a knowing smirk. “…your sister isn’t an alien. We don’t have to take her anywhere.”

“What?” Ryan asked. “She HAS to be!” he said. “Look at her hair!” As if sensing the conversation was about her, Ryan’s sister looked at him, then she giggled. Both agents shrugged.

“It’s a rare color, but it happens on some Earths,” the short one said. 

“My parents found her in a spaceship!” Ryan said. “I’ll prove it!” Before the two men could say anything Ryan dashed out of the living room leaving them alone with his sister. Ryan ran deeper into the house but a few moments after he disappeared the front door opened.

“RALPH!!!” a woman screeched as the agents turned toward the entrance. She was a petite older woman with silver-gray hair that reached down to her neck. “Who are  you!?” She said to the agents, then turned to yell out the door again. “RALPH!” She pointed frantically at the agents and stepped aside. A tall, burly man in a flannel shirt rushed into the house with a handgun drawn.

“First, step away from my daughter. Then, you can try to convince me not to blow your heads off,” Ralph said. The agents raised their hands with a shrug and a sigh, then stepped away from the couch. Mrs. Connors dashed past them to pick up the child; the baby giggled the whole time happy to be in her mother’s arms.

“We got a tip about an alien lifeform,” the short agent said.

“You from the government?” Ralph asked. He did not relax his weapon.

“B.A.A.,” the short agent said.

“Well, there aren’t any aliens here,” Ralph said. He waved his gun at the foyer. “It’s time for you boys to call it a night.”

“Mr. Connors,” the short one said. “You can relax. You think you’re lying to me, but you’re right; there are no aliens here. Not even her,” he nodded at the baby.

“What are you saying?” Ralph finally lowered his weapon. “She’s human?” The agent nodded.

“100%,” the agent replied.

“But.. we found her in a-,” Ralph was interrupted by Ryan speeding back into the room. He held his arms spread wide. He carried an oblong silver metal object that resembled a cross between a football and a crib. Despite its awkward size, it was light enough for the boy to carry. “…in a ship,” Ralph finished his thought by pointing at the ship. Ryan was surprised to see his parents.

“Um, please don’t take my sister away mister!” Ryan said, he stared up at the tall agent with pleading eyes.

“Okay, we won’t,” the tall agent said. He reached down to tussle Ryan’s blonde locks for good measure.

“You found her in a ship,” the short agent said to Ralph with a nod. “But that ship was sent from another Earth, there are an infinite number of alternate realities out there. She was ejected from her Earth for some reason and ended up in your care, but she is human. Take good care of her,” he said. Both agents moved toward the door to leave.

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