Emma’s Bad Week

“You know you don’t have to do this, right?” Grover asked.

Emma relaxed her silly pose, dropped her hands from her hips and looked at Grover through a black eye mask.

“‘Great’ or ‘not bad’ are more traditional answers to, ‘How do I look?’,” Emma said with a smile. She looked down at her black and purple costume. “Your answer just has me worried; it doesn’t look that bad, does it?” she asked as she reached down and ran the satin black cape through her hand.

“No,” Grover stepped forward and hugged his costumed wife. “It looks amazing; YOU are amazing. How’d I get so lucky?” he asked.

“Nosy friends,” Emma replied with a giggle. “But seriously,” Emma pushed herself out of the hug and twirled just fast enough to raise the cape slightly. “Can I pass for you or not?” Grover nodded.

“I never looked that good, but yeah. No one will ever know I was gone.”

“Great!” Emma clapped to herself. “And I’ve worked out a deal with the substitute hero coming to replace me, while I replace you,” Emma said. “Not only is your rank safe while you’re gone, you’ll probably have gone up a couple of points too,” she said. 

“You’re the absolute best,” he said.

“But don’t think I’m switching over full time, this is just so you don’t lose your standing in the Villain League while you’re gone. One week only,” she said firmly.

“One week only,” Grover agreed.

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