Impossible Question

Kadee stared at her time-locked boyfriend. He was as handsome as he was kind; she once thought she could stare at him for an eternity. After a day, she started to get bored and wandered away from him to give herself a chance to ponder his question.

She wandered through the mall, and out into the still city over the course of a week. It both helped and hindered that she didn’t feel hungry or thirsty while in a time-freeze. The further she got from the mall, the more Kadee realized she didn’t have an answer for him. On the surface, it seemed like such a simple question; but, no matter how she looked at it the answer wasn’t in her.

There were too many variables; and her answer affected both of them. She’d only been dating David for a year and she was still scared of the wrong choice causing a rift. Finally, a glance at her stopwatch told her it had almost been a week already; 153 hours passed since he asked the question.

“This is taking too long,” she decided aloud. With a heavy sigh, Kadee decided to decide. She did not have answer for him yet, but she began her walk back to the mall. “I’m going to say the first thing that comes out when I get there,” she said. Kadee felt more comfortable talking to herself instead of thinking during the still moments. The lack of any other sound was slightly unnerving and she wanted to fill the silence.

Kadee didn’t know how her ability worked exactly; it was still relatively new to her. It first started happening after she got a tattoo and it seemed to know when she was ready to make a decision. She had yet to try and explain it to David. She was waiting for the right time; when it wasn’t too early or too late in their relationship. She always planned to tell him about it if he wanted to make their relationship to the next stage.

She returned to him and fell in love all over again the moment she saw him. She walked up to him and she felt ready to answer his question, even though deliberating didn’t get her anywhere. Time started again at the exact moment she decided. The roar of noise filled the mall around and David smiled at her with his soft brown eyes.

“Well?” he asked. Kadee stuck to her plan and blurted out the first answer that popped into her mind.

“Chinese!” she said over the noise.

“Awesome,” he said. “Lucky Dragon or Golden Wok?” He asked; then, the mall went silent again.

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