Good as New

“It’s true…,” Carrie said. Her eyes were wide with awe as she watched the torn sheet of paper put itself back together on the desk. She sat in a large white office sitting in front of the world’s most famous man. He made headlines almost a year ago; his abilities were well known. However, seeing it happen in person was magical to her. She couldn’t believe she had a chance to talk to him.

“That’s not all,” Wendell said. He picked up the sheet off the desk and held it up to show Carrie both blank sides. The crazy scribbles he asked her to make an hour ago were gone. “It’s like new.”

“Amazing…,” Carrie felt relief wash over her. She now knew for sure that he could help her. The fact that he took the time to meet with her at all also felt like a good sign. She took in a deep breath to help calm her excitement. “About your fee…,” she asked. Carrie had very little, but she went into the meeting willing to walk out homeless.

“In my position…,” Wendell smiled warmly at her. “…I can name any fee I want from anyone.” He reached into a drawer, then placed a form on the table along with a pen. “I’ve only been doing this for about 10 months, but I’ve met a lot of people in that short time. The great thing about naming my prices is; I get to say ‘free‘ sometimes.”

“Free?!” Carrie perked up immediately. “You’d do that?”

“I would, and I have. I’d hardly be benefitting humanity if I only focused on money. If you sign the form, I have time to help you today if you’re ready.”

“Today!? Right now!?” Carrie grabbed the pen and signed her name at the bottom of the form. “I’m ready!”

“Wonderful,” Wendell said. He stood from his seat and walked around the desk while removing his white lab coat.

“I’m assuming you have a ride in the waiting room?” He asked while rolling up his sleeves.

“Oh.. No, I drove here,” Wendell paused.

“I’m sorry, you may have missed some of the more important details in the pamphlet,” he said. Carrie immediately regretted spending the hour on her phone instead of reading the information  he gave her. “You won’t be able to drive after the procedure,” he said.

“Oh.. For how long?” Wendell gave hearty laugh; Carrie felt her cheeks burn.

“16 years,” he said. He pointed at the blank sheet on his desk. “Like new, remember?”

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