Global Shutdown

The lunchtime murmur in Mundo’s cafe suddenly went quiet. The handful of patrons all looked up from their meals at the same time, as if they had the same thought. Albert knew he wasn’t the only one visited by the foreign thought. What he didn’t expect was a sudden fit of giggles erupting at the counter.

“Mundo!” a woman called. She was in the small group of three that started giggling at the message. A young woman with forest green hair came out of the kitchen and immediately joined in with their giggles. Albert glanced around the cafe. The trio, two men and a woman, in their conversation with Mundo were the only ones talking. Most of the patrons left in the few seconds that Albert watched the excitement at the counter.

“Others will try to lie to you and say they can hear my voice too,” the mysterious voice invaded Albert’s mind again. “But they’re lying. Yours is the one true religion. Only trust my followers,” it said. Albert couldn’t help but feel amused. He was an atheist. Whoever the voice belonged to; it certainly wasn’t a god. The vague terminology sounded more like poor attempts at cold reading.

“You’re not God; don’t listen to him, folks,” a woman’s voice suddenly spoke in Albert’s mind. More laughter erupted from the counter.

“Who dares interrupt my message to my faithful followers!?” The male voice boomed in Albert’s mind.

“Why are you trying to get in the way of people’s days, Larry? You’re not God. I know where you live; I know that you decided to try and take over the world without pants on. If you’re going to keep pretending, I’ll have to send someone in person to ask you to stop.”

“I’m sorry. This isn’t God, I won’t bother anyone anymore,” the male voice said.

“I’m not God either,” Mundo said in Albert’s mind. “Listen to whatever your faith tells you, don’t listen to random voices in your head.”

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