Sharp Prevention

“Ms. Sharp!” Dr. Freya froze the moment she stepped into her office. She’d never met the woman sitting at her desk before. The crisp white suit, dark hair, and dark-suited assistant standing by the woman’s side told Dr. Freya everything she needed to know. Up until this moment, she did not even know if the woman existed.

“Hello, Dr. Freya, please, have a seat,” Dana Sharp gestured at the chair in front of Dr. Freya’s desk. If it had been anyone else, she would have been sorely insulted. But, it’s hard to feel slighted by God. At least, according to her research, that’s who Dana Sharp was. The fact that she chose now to appear in Dr. Freya’s office, despite being on a heavily secured base, further proved Dana’s divine connection.

“I’m sure you have a notion already,” Ms. Sharp began as soon as Dr. Freya sat down. “Your presentation about me did not go over very well; you’ll be fired by the end of the day,” she said. Dr. Freya sighed, but nodded. She expected as much from them. They asked her to find out why birth rates declined. Though, her answer of, ‘God did it’ did not seem to go over well, despite the proof she presented.

“But, nevermind them. Small minds are destined for small things. On the other hand, you discovered me all by yourself,” Ms. Sharp said. “You are a great mind that’s about to be unemployed. I hate to see your talents wasted on trying to survive. You’ve earned your choice of positions at Sharp Development,” Dana said.

“You’re offering me a job!?” Dr. Freya sat at the edge of her seat. Dana Sharp gave a curt nod.

“First, I have to know. Why did you sterilize 99% of the population?” Dr. Freya used her hand to gesture toward one side of the room. “They seemed happy to hear I found out we wouldn’t go extinct, but that’s the only thing they heard.”

“The explanation to that,” Dana said. “And the answers to the questions that follow would take more time than I have at the moment. I hope you’ll be satisfied with a temporary answer until we can make more time.” Dr. Freya nodded.

“I have a goal that I’m trying to accomplish. Adjusting the birth rates on your Earth taught me invaluable information that puts me closer to reaching my goal. It could have been any Earth, it just happened to be yours.”

“Any… Earth?” Dr. Freya asked. Dana nodded.

“I hope you like to travel, Dr. Freya.”

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