God. Damn.

“I am,” Dillon smiled. He leaned on the counter and smiled at the young woman that asked him if he was God. She introduced herself as Penny the moment she walked in. She was there to see him specifically; she’d been chasing a rumor that God worked at the gas station.

“You have proof, right?” Penny asked. “Unless the whole town’s in on it.” Penny questioned over two-dozen townsfolk that witnessed Dillon’s divinity. Their descriptions of the events made perfect sense to Penny; but, she needed to see for herself to be sure.

“Oh, sure,” Dillon nodded. “I can prove it. The question is, what’s in it for me if I do?”

“I’m sorry?” Penny tilted her head and laughed at the suggestion. “You want, what, a fee to prove you’re God. That already proves you’re not.” Dillon shrugged.

“You came up to me wanting to see proof. Believe me or not, I don’t care what a stranger thinks. The town believes in me; that’s good enough,” he said. Penny sighed because he was right. And if she didn’t see what he was claiming as proof she wasted the entire trip.

“Alright, how much?” Penny asked. Dillon shook his head.

“No money,” Dillon winked at Penny. “Let me take you out for a night you’ll never forget, the way only a god can.”

“Whoa there, Jr.; I’m not interested in cradle robbing.”

“My body’s 19, but my mind is older than you can imagine,” Dillon said. “I’ve got eons of experience with the ladies.”

“Is that right?” Penny asked. She didn’t believe him for a second, but she did find an opportunity to make some headway. Dillon nodded with a smug look on his fresh, young face. “Okay,” Penny leaned closer with her face inches from Dillon’s.

IF you can prove you’re God, I’ll give you one date. One chance to impress me with those sexy eons of yours.”

“Deal,” Dillon grinned. “So, what kind of proof do you want?” Penny briefly considered dragging out the encounter to make him sweat; but, she had other things to do. She decided to get to his proof as quick as possible.

“I’m big into technology. If you’re God and you know the future then you can show me what future cell phones look like, right?”  Penny asked.

“That’s it?!” Dillon asked. “People have asked me to control the weather, or rewind time; I even had one little girl ask me for a unicorn.  But you just want to see a phone from the future?”

“A super-advanced one!” Penny chimed in.

“Well, there is no, ‘super-advanced’ phone,” Dillon said as he reached into his pocket. “Past a certain point, nanomachines enable mind to mind communication. But…,” he pulled his hand out of his pocket holding a small glass rectangle; then, placed it on the counter.  “…this is that point. It’s called a node.”

“It’s just a piece of glass,” Penny said as she reached for it. Dillon tensed up briefly. He almost stopped her, but he decided there was no harm in letting her look at it. She didn’t know what it was.

“Oooh,” She added. As soon as she collected it, the node lit up to display the time.

“So, I’m off work in an hour,” Dillon said. “Where do I pick you up?”

“For what?” Penny asked. Dillon chuckled.

“Your date with a god,” he said.

“Oh. No, that’s not happening,” Penny replied. She set her purse on the counter and began to dig through it.

“You’re welching on God?” he asked. Penny shook her head and found what she was searching for in her purse.

“Please,” she said with sudden condescension in her voice. “All you are is a wannabe that got lucky and found a node,” Penny said. She placed his node down on her side of the counter.  “Worse is, you haven’t even used it for anything more than what are essentially parlor tricks.” Dillon shrunk inside himself as Penny called him out. In the back of his mind, he always knew there’d be others that knew what nodes were and what they were capable of. But, he hoped there would be more warning when he met someone else.

Penny raised her hand up for momentum, then brought it down on Dillon’s node. He caught a glimpse of a node in her hand as she did. He was too surprised with the fact that she had one too that he didn’t have time to try and stop her action. She slammed her node face down against his. The glass flashed with a red light at the moment of impact, and the node retained the red glow. After a moment, Penny collected the red glowing node. She tapped one corner on the table and the red light flaked off like old paint; the particles disintegrated before they landed on the counter. After several taps the node was once again clear.

“Thanks, Jr.” Penny said. She slid his node back to him across the table.

“What’d you do?” Dillon asked.

“I revoked your permissions,” Penny said. “You’re no longer the god you pretended to be.”

“What?!?” Dillon grabbed the node and started swiping and tapping at it frantically; none of his commands were happening. “Why!?” Penny smiled as she hoisted her purse to leave.”Well, we can’t both be in charge.”

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