Recess. Riot.

“You can’t be serious,” Commander Jennings said. He stared at the group of children in disbelief. It was a small class of around 15 six-year-olds; several of them had bright colored hair. In front of them stood a tall 14-year-old girl with spiky white hair and her arms crossed; bored.

“Mr. Jennings, you’re hardly in a position to complain. You requested help; Sharp Development is here to help,” Dana Sharp said. The pale woman in a white suit stood before the Commander with her assistant, Melody, standing next to her.

“But,.. they’re kids,” the Commander pointed out while shaking his head frantically. “I never expected our S.O.S. to reach an alternate universe. I don’t know how you do things over there, but we don’t sacrifice children on this Earth.”

“I don’t either,” Ms. Sharp replied. “Nor do I limit their development with my beliefs. This is a Unique group of children, each one of them is stronger than any of the monsters attacking your cities. Your infestation is honestly a bit of a reward for their hard work; a play date you could say.” Commander Jennings glanced at the children again; they remained quiet while he talked to Dana. He was surprised at how well behaved they were and decided he didn’t know everything about the universe they came from.

“Alright, let’s see some proof first. Before I give the order to throw a handful of first graders at the rampaging monsters,” Commander Jennings said. He motioned for the group to follow him and led them out of his office and toward the motorpool. He reached the decommissioned Sherman on display and pointed at it; it may have been too much but he had other things to deal with. If they weren’t going to be able to help he needed to keep searching.

“Let’s see one of your kiddies move that,” he said.

“Dread,” Ms. Sharp nodded at the tall girl with white hair; the girl spoke up.

“Riot, you’re up,” she said. The group of children whined as one while a small orange-haired girl walked toward the tank with a nervous smile. The tiny girl reached the tank’s tread and squatted; she stuck her hands under the tread and pulled upward. She made a grunting sound as she shoved it up. She lifted the tank surprisingly easily, but she froze once she locked her arms and legs under it. She held it up and strained while she pondered her next move. Commander Jenning’s eyes went wide in surprise. They were stronger than any human on his own Earth, but, the monsters were far more heavy-duty than the tank. If that was as much as they could do, they were still too weak to help. Before he gave his decision to Ms. Sharp, the group of children began chanting and cheering.

“RIOT! RIOT! RIOT!” He looked back to the girl lifting the tank and noticed a faint orange aura collecting around her as the kids cheered.

“YeeeeeAAAAAGH!!!” Riot yelled and heaved the tank using the strength her friends gave her. The tank launched upward; it arced up and landed upside down over 100 yards away; luckily not on any buildings.

“….They’re… all that strong?” Commander Jennings asked.

“At least,” Ms. Sharp replied. “Riot is both the weakest and strongest student we have; you haven’t seen her real strength yet.”

“I believe you,” Commander Jennings nodded. “Alright. The United States formally requests assistance from Sharp Development in dealing with our monster infestation.” Ms. Sharp smiled and nodded; the group of children cheered.

“Wonderful,” Ms. Sharp said. Melody gave Commander Jennings a clipboard loaded with several forms that she wasn’t holding seconds before. He had no idea where she pulled it from. “I just need a few signatures from you first.”

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