Sharp Empowerment

“…and… he moved on,” Victoria said with a sigh. The pink-haired woman walking next to her nodded in understanding.

“It’s understandable, you were gone for years; but, that doesn’t make it easier.” Lyra patted Victoria on the shoulder. “What will make it easier is you moving on too. Which brings us to here,” Lyra used her arms to gesture at the narrow bridge beneath them. It was only about six feet wide and made of solid white marble. It was built to cross a bottomless void to a circular, red platform in the center.

“Thanks to my promotion, I need someone to take over my former duties. I’ve found that being single makes the job way more fun,” Lyra giggled at Victoria. “There are a few of these, but they’re all the same.”

Victoria looked around in awe. Everything around the bridge, and now as far back as she could see behind her, was enveloped in complete darkness. She saw only the white of the bridge and their approaching destination glowing in red.

“Most of your time will be spent scouting out new Earth. I don’t even bother if they haven’t advanced to at least some version of social media. But, that’s a personal choice. Your job is to recommend Earths to Ms. Sharp, along with a course of action. She can already take over any Earth she wants…,” Victoria heard a nothing but awed respect in Lyra’s voice any time she spoke about Ms. Sharp.

“She doesn’t have time to sit down and plan what she wants to do with every Earth. She trusted me to give her recommendations that would benefit Sharp Development as a whole. And now I’m trusting you.” She smiled at Victoria; her eyes glanced up at the young woman’s hair. Her shade of light purple wasn’t too far off from Lyra’s bright pink hair. “Because I like your hair.” She giggled as they reached the center circle. it was a solid red, 10′ diameter platform. A white, short podium jutted out of the center of the circle. Lyra led Victoria to it.

“Like this Earth for example,” Lyra said. Victoria had a loose understanding of the history that got her there at that moment, so she was interested in hearing a more official version.

“I never would have suggested this Earth. When it was found by a scout, it was just entering the dark ages. That was 30 years ago, and now they’ve colonized the moon.” Victoria was surprised; her eyes widened and she tilted her head.

“Ms. Sharp let that happen?” Lyra nodded, but laughed.

“The scout suggested that Ms. Sharp leapfrog their technology from the dark ages to 2030/2040ish. Humans here never learned how to store energy. They never need to, we keep their world powered and their devices are always on. Unfortunately, that power can only reach as far as their moon.” Lyra shrugged. “They’ll never be able to replicate it.” She gestured at the white podium. The surface outlined a pair of hands side by side.

“Until they meet an Estrella that doesn’t work for Sharp Development,” Victoria said with a smile. She stepped forward to the waist-high podia and placed her palms in the outlines. Her hands immediately glowed with blue light. She pushed plasma energy from her star through the podium at a steady rate to recharge the planet.

“That can’t happen, this is one of Ms. Sharp’s private server. Employees only.”

“She can lock out Uniques!?” Victoria was surprised. She could not even begin to imagine the process involved in locking a universe. Lyra grinned and nodded.

“Ms. Sharp can do anything.”

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