Muffin Macguffin


“Blech,” David said after a crunch.

He visited the vending machine for lunch.

“I hate nuts,” he eyed the wrapper.

“Expired 10-19-18. Do not eat after.”

He tossed the rest in the bin

then left to focus on work again.

“It’s right in here,” Larry said in a rush.

He pointed at the machine, his face was flushed.

“You hid it in plain sight?” a suited man asked.

“I entrusted you with this important task.”

Larry shook his head. “It’s at the back, in a muffin,”

He pointed at the empty slot, then inhaled in.

His eyes went wide and shook his head.

The suited man sighed. “Congratulations, we’re all dead,”

“Why would you think this idea was good?”

“Take the deadliest plague and hide it in food?”

“I didn’t think anyone was that stupid or bold

enough to eat expired food over a year old.”

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