Sharp System

“Of course I’m serious,” Steph said. She smiled at the old man sitting in front of her desk. He was older than he looked, and he looked like he was pushing 80 already. “No strings attached, except for an honest day’s work.” 

“MMhmm,” Walter grumbled at her. “Doin’ what?” he asked. Walter was desperate enough to take almost any job. He spent 500 years in prison and came out to a different world, with only his name and the clothes on his back. A helpful guard at the prison recommended Walter visit this Sharp Development if he needed help getting on his feet. 

The offer from the guard sounded too good to be true. Now, sitting in front of Steph and hearing about their services; he was convinced it was too good to be true. But, he still wanted to learn more. 

“Anything you like, that you’re suited for,” Steph said. “Sharp Development has thousands of positions available to choose from. And, we encourage further education through our corporate university. Even if you can’t start at the job you want, at Sharp Development you can always move up.” 

“So, I get to do what I want?”  Walter asked. “And I’ll get paid with room and board?” 

“That’s more or less the gist,” Steph nodded. “Ms. Sharp knows how difficult it is to find work; you’ve already paid your dues.”

“And I don’t have to sell my soul or anything?” Watler asked with a chuckle. He’d decided the deal sounded too good to be true, but also too good to pass up.

“It’s more like using it as collateral than selling it,” Steph said. Walter’s eyes went wide, but Steph continued explaining. “On paper, Ms. Sharp would own your soul. But working for the company works to pay off that debt. Eventually, you’ll work enough to earn your soul back.”  

“What if something happens to me while Ms. Sharp owns my soul?”

Steph smiled brightly at Walter. 

“You go to Hell.”  

“No thanks, I’ll pass,” Walter nodded, stood from the desk, and walked out.

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