Sharp Universe

Molly was terrified and awestruck at the same time. She sat in a bright white office-setting in front of God. She knew why she was there. She was probably about to be damned to Hell, but the awe-inspiring truth remained. Dana Sharp was real and sitting across from her. 

“I’m busy, and you’re a smart woman,” Dana Sharp said. “I expect you know why you’re here?” Molly nodded; her blond curls bounced with the movement.

“Earth…,” Molly said. Everyone on Mars knew that God took a dim view of anyone setting their sights on the stars. Things like orbits, meteors and eclipses; basic scientific information was allowed. Any further exploration, or a closer look at any of the planets was expressly forbidden in the Sharp bible. There had been plenty of evidence that God herself stepped in whenever anyone grew too curious. Before she woke up in Ms. Sharp’s office, Molly had serious doubts about God and religion in general. Now she was going to spend the rest of eternity in Hell for being curious. She didn’t think it was fair and she knew she’d never have the opportunity to talk to God again.

“…but why?” Molly asked. “Why can’t we know what’s out there?” Ms. Sharp smiled at Molly.

“Who said you can’t?” she asked. 

“YOU!” Molly yelled. “YOUR bible specifically says not to be curious about the other planets.” 

“Well, that didn’t stop you, did it?” Ms. Sharp asked. “It didn’t stop you from pointing your telescope at Earth every night for the past three years.” 

“You .. knew?” Molly asked. She’d only been recently brave enough to share some of her findings with a close friend that she decided not to trust any more the second she woke up. She assumed her friend was the one to turn her in; the timing was too suspicious. 

“I think you forget my position and duties in the universe,” Ms. Sharp said. “As long as you didn’t share your hobby with anyone, it wasn’t noteworthy. However, the moment you were willing to share your curiosity is why you’re here now.” Molly felt instant regret for blaming her close friend. 

“But just me, right?” She asked. “Please don’t send Allan to Hell too!” she said. 

“Do you think you’re going to Hell?” Dana asked. 

“I broke the rules…,” Molly said. “That’s why you brought me here, right?” 

“Your curiosity is why you’re here, but I’m not sending you to Hell. I’m going to give you the answers you’re looking for. Your curiosity is being rewarded.” 

“What? Why? That doesn’t make any sense,” Molly said. “If you wanted us to be curious, why didn’t you put that in the bible?” Ms. Sharp shook her head.

“I don’t want people to be curious to please me. I want people that are curious, no matter what. People willing to explore and experience the unknown. Consider it a test of sorts. You passed and I’d like you to come work for me.”

“Work… for God? Like, as an angel?” Dana Sharp shook her head. “The first thing you’re going to learn is I’m not God. I’m human, like you. I just have the technology to create my own universes like the one you came from. My company is named Sharp Development and has branch locations on several hundred Earths.”

“EARTHS!?” Molly perked up. “I can go to Earth!?” 

“I’m originally from an Earth in an alternate universe. You can visit as many Earths as you like, travel between universes will be required as part of the company.”

“Can I.. make universes too? Like you?” 

“I think you’d do well in that department,” Ms. Sharp nodded and tapped the screen of her computer. “Allow me to introduce your new boss, Sol.”  Ms. Sharp gestured to the spot next to Molly. As Molly turned around she saw a woman step out of a pitch black portal. She wore what resembled a formal coat with tails but it was crisp white. A red sun was embroidered on her left breast and it matched the red vest under her coat. 

“Hey, welcome to the team,” Sol said with a smile. 

“That’s it? No interview? No paperwork?” Molly asked. She was ready and eager to get to work, but she did not want to accidentally miss any steps. 

“You already passed the test,” Ms. Sharp said. “If you want to do the job, I know it’s in you to do it. And as far as paperwork,” Ms. Sharp smiled. “Traditionally, joining my company requires a signature. But, you’re from my universe,” she said. “I already own your soul.”

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