Short Notice

“You really can!” Amber smiled in awe. The 24-year-old journalist sat in the office of the richest man in the world. Though, almost no one knew it. Duke Fisher liked to keep low profile. Despite what he could afford, his office was a simple one-room affair. Rented in a rundown, mostly empty strip mall. A single, grimy skylight filled the office with dirty yellow-brown sunlight

During the interview, he explained he didn’t even need the office. Most of his work was done over the phone but he liked to have a ‘professional space’ to put himself in the right mindset. Constantly keeping an eye on the future wasn’t easy.

“And it’s only five minutes at a time?” Amber asked. Rumors about his ability started her on the story. She thought it would take considerable prodding; but, Duke was happy to prove his ability as soon as the question came up.

“It’s constant. It’s happening right now. I see now and five minutes from now at the same time. Five minutes ago I watched myself tell you this,” he said with a slight smirk.

“Oh wow,” Amber said. “What does it look like? How do you know which is the present and which is the future?”

“Well, usually whichever one happened first is the present,” Duke chuckled. Then, his expression changed slightly. Amber only had a couple of years of professional experience under her belt. She noticed the change even if she couldn’t identify it. His smile remained, but it seemed emptier somehow. Amber started wondering if her question offended him somehow. “But, that’s enough about me for now. I’m curious about you. Tell me about your family. About you; are you seeing anyone?”

Amber’s awe wore off in an instant and she sat back in her seat to put more distance between them.

“Mr. Fisher, I appreciate you’re wealthy, and undeniably handsome…,” her admission surprised her, but she continued her protest. “… But I’m here to interview you for work. Nothing else. My personal life has no place in this conversation.” Duke bowed his head and nodded.

“I apologize,” he said. “I wasn’t trying to pry, I just thought it’d be a good time for you to give someone a call.”

“What?” Amber asked. She scooted forward on her seat again. He sounded sincere, and the fact that he could see into the future was not lost on her. “Why?” she asked.  Duke chuckled and shook his head with a broad grin.

“You know, I always wondered. If something big.. really big were to happen. Would five minutes be enough time to do anything about it?”

Amber jumped out of her seat with a screech when the sound of breaking glass surprised her. A pile of bones crashed through the skylight and landed next to Duke.

“Turns out, the answer is no,” he said.

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