Sharp Stock

“That’s… impossible,” one of the scientists mumbled. Half a dozen other white lab coats grumbled agreements and nodded their heads. “There’s so much space out there; even more if what you’re saying about alternate universes is true. There can’t be nothing,” he said.  The 40-plus person group of scientists was gathered in a large white office. They stood around Dana Sharp’s desk while the woman explained the universe to them.

Nothing…,” she said. “…is exactly what there is; until you start looking. Other planets don’t exist until they need to. We are alone in the universe. In every universe.”

“So.. did you bring us here just to tell us we’ve wasted our lives?” One of the scientists asked. In the short time before the meeting actually started several of the scientists got to know each other. They realized each of them were there because of a personal invitation from Dana Sharp. Her first order of business was to tell them that the universe was empty.

“On the contrary,” Ms. Sharp said. “I’ve invited you here to give you new purpose. Instead of searching the universe to solve its mysteries I’m offering all of you the chance to create universes.”

“What do you mean? Like virtual worlds?” One of them asked. Ms. Sharp shook her head.

“I mean create a universe as real as…,” she spread her arms to gesture at the white office. “… as this is.

“You.. you can do that? You can make your own universes?” Dana Sharp nodded at the scientist.

“Quite easily,” she said. “The only thing I’m missing is a team to oversee the project while I’m busy. “

“How many positions are available?” one of them asked. There were almost 50 of them in the room, but that didn’t mean they all had a position waiting for them.

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” Ms. Sharp smiled. “You’ve all been chosen already. This group will have several universes waiting for you to start studying on Monday.”

“Several… universes?” one of the scientists asked.

This group?” another one asked.

“Gentlemen. I now have the ability to create universes whole cloth.” Dana Sharp said. “Why would I stop at one?”

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