Secret of the Stars

“OH MY GOD!” Margo jumped to her feet and stared at Jessie with wide eyes. Jessie froze mid-stretch. Her arms reached toward the ceiling while two broad, white-feathered wings stretched across the room behind her. “SINCE WHEN DO YOU HAVE WINGS!?” Jessie giggled and relaxed; she lowered her arms.

“Since always,” she said. The pink-haired girl turned around and showed her back to Margo. She could see the spot where her two angelic wings sprouted out between her shoulder blades. “But, they get in the way a lot,” Jessie replied. Margo watched Jessie raise her wings upward, then a horizontal black portal slid down to swallow them. It continued until it became a small, flat circle on Jessie’s back.

“A lot of Estrellas have them,” Jessie replied as she finished getting dressed. “Other Uniques too, but it’s most common in Estrellas.

“How common? Do all Estrellas have wings?” Margo asked. Jessie shook her head.

“More than you think, but not all of them.” Margo’s mind raced; she knew several other Estrellas.

“Andy? Mark?… Cassie!?” Margo asked excitedly. Jessie grinned, but she did not give a hint one way or another.

“You’ll have to ask them,” she said.

“Whoooooaaa,” Margo suddenly imagined her new friends all with beautiful, white-feathered wings. “Does Rana know?” she asked. Jessie nodded.

“Yeah, we go way back,” she said.

“Can you fly?” Jessie shook her head.

I can. Not every Estrella with wings can fly.” The pink-haired girl crossed her arms and stood still; then, she floated upward and hovered off the floor. Margo stared wide-eyed for a moment then Jessie shrugged and descended to the floor again.

“But, you didn’t use your wings?” Margo asked. Jessie nodded.

“Sure I did; they were just flapping in another universe.”

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