The winged beast hesitated, smirked, then landed.

Wings of snow and ice crumbled and disappeared.

The snow blue dragon form was abandoned

A lean, blue-skinned woman appeared

Short sapphire spikes wobbled like hair atop her head.

“Marry you?” she questioned. “Really?”

She looked him up and down in assessment.

“You’re not ugly,” she said. Her eyes sparkled; incandescent.

“But you don’t know a thing about me.”

The knight stood tall; silent and brave.

Frightened. Broken. Not long for the grave.

“I know that I love you,” he lied.

“That’s a start, but there’s more to learn still.”

“For example my hobbies,” she said. “I like to kill.”

Then, the knight’s helmet fell off. Along with his head.

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