Revived. Recruited.

“‘Le’Ben!” Milla was surprised when her zombie body tried to speak. Not just speak, she gave an answer she didn’t know she had. Edna, the stranger that brought her to the clinic seemed just as surprised as Milla; but, somehow the medic wasn’t shocked.

“Zombies have a favorite number?” Edna asked the medic. She had minor scrapes and bruises after trying to escape a group of zombies. She almost didn’t until zombie-Milla stepped in and helped Edna escape. Edna initially thought the posters advertising a reward for ‘friendly’ zombies were just a scam designed to get people killed. But, Milla was very obviously a friendly zombie. Edna asked her all sorts of questions, but she didn’t seem able to talk or keep her balance easily. Zombie-Milla shuffled in place at a respectful distance while still keeping an eye on Edna. Meanwhile, Edna found the nearest Sharp Medical Services branch to turn in her undead friend.

Once they reached the office the medic ignored Edna’s minor wounds and focused on zombie-Milla. He approached without fear, looked into Milla’s glazed, dead eyes then asked a question.

“What’s your favorite number?” Edna jumped when Milla moaned out a quick and loud word that sounded a lot like ‘eleven’.

“Congratulations,” the medic said to Edna. “This one does, that means you qualify the reward.” He handed Edna a small, card-sized glass rectangle. “The receptionist will activate this for you on the way out,” he said.

“Thank you!” Edna grabbed the card and ran out of the room. The medic smiled and looked at Milla.

“You probably don’t know what’s going on, but don’t worry about a thing. Soon you’ll wake up in a body and this’ll all feel like a bad dream.” The medic approached Milla with a syringe. She did not feel anything, but moments after he injected her, her vision began to go dark. She heard the medic one more time before she lost consciousness.

“Welcome to Sharp Development.”

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