Royal Explainer

“You want to report 30 years of people giving you things when you ask them to?” The officer behind the counter shook his head with a chuckle. “Mister, we’ve got real police work to do here,” he said. While he spoke, he reached across the counter to accept a short stack of pizza boxes from a teenager with green hair. “Why don’t you come back when you’ve got an actual crime to report?”

Philip sighed. He didn’t know what he expected, but that wasn’t it.

The urge to confess his crimes crept up on him over the last few years. He finally decided it was the right thing to do but he suddenly found himself at a loss when the officer didn’t even give him a second look. As he walked out of the police station with his head hung low, the green-haired teenager caught up to him.

“Hi,” the teen said. “I’m Mundo.” Philip glanced at the teenager but didn’t slow his pace. He was lean, pale and despite being bright green, his hair color somehow looked natural. He seemed friendly enough. Unfortunately, Philip wasn’t in the mood to make new friends.

“You want to stop talking to me and get back to work,” Philip said. After over 30 years of practice, Philip had a pretty good grasp of his ability. He injected his words with enough of his power to make the kid go away; but, Mundo smiled and kept pace with him.

“That’s not going to work on me, but I can explain it to you if you want,” he said. Philip stopped walking. He’d never met anyone that knew about his ability, much less reject it. He assumed there’d be people that could, but he never bothered to search. He preferred instead to keep a low profile.

“Why doesn’t it work on you? How do you know about what I can do?” Philip asked. Mundo grinned.

“You know how you can get people to do whatever you want just by telling them to?” he asked. Then he continued when Philip nodded. “That’s your thing. Knowing and explaining stuff is my thing.”

“Alright,” Philip looked up and down the sidewalk. They stood at the edge of the parking lot; Philip could see the clearly marked delivery car parked next to his own. It was late morning and they were alone outside. “I’ll bite. Explain something to me about my powers.”

“Your favorite number is 47,” Mundo said.

“Yeah…?” Philip agreed immediately, but he could not make a connection between that and his powers. It was weird that Mundo knew it though.

“You’re Unique Soul #47, La Corona,” Mundo added. “Your power would be much stronger if you got a tattoo.”

“How much stronger?” Philip asked. He’d always wanted a tattoo, but he never bothered to make time for it. It would be as simple as walking into a tattoo shop and telling them to do it; but, Philip was always distracted by some other want that didn’t take up as much time.

“Right now, you can get a few people to do what you say just by asking. Once you’re Awakened with a tattoo, you’ll be able to get the world to do what you say just by thinking.”

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