Team: – solo

Unique: #23 – La Luna: These Uniques have the ability to copy up to six Unique Abilities. They copy abilities by touching other Uniques. A-tier Lunas and above also have the ability to copy Zero Super powers. These Zero powers do not take up one of La Luna’s slots. Mundos and Estrellas are able to see what abilities a Luna has copied and how many slots they have left, and any Super powers they copied.

Copied Abilities:

Corona’s Command, Calavera’s Might, Estrella’s Flame, – , -, –

Tier: S+ (copied abilities have the power of La Luna’s tier.)

Login phrase: TBA

AlterNet Character: Monday

Race: Goblin – [Healthy Corruption] – The Character may spend Gold to instantly recover the HP of a Target.

Soul: Dragon – [Hoarding Tendency] –

Class: Merchant – [Resource Manager] – Combines the team’s individual resources into single pools. HP/MP and Gold.

Spec: Trader – [Day Trader] – Character may conduct Trades on the Derby Track.

Favorite l.oadout: (can be changed during a pit stop)

Agility: – [Market Pace] – Character gains a Moderate Speed boost after conducting a transaction.

Charisma: – [Corporate Supervision] – Character generates an Aura that increases the amount of Gold earned by Teammates. Decreases their Speed by a Minor amount.

Dexterity:  – [Shady Source] – A random piece of Equipment is added to the Merchant’s shop each lap. If the shop is full, a random item is replaced.

Intelligence: – [Spending Spree] – Character may grant Target an Aura that allows them to use Gold instead of MP to Cast Abilities. If used on an Opponent; any Gold spent is given to the Merchant.

Stamina: – [Safety Glass] – Grants the Character a Moderate amount of Armor.

Strength: – [Hit Contract] – Character Targets an Opponent. Target takes extra damage from Opponents. Whoever deals a set amount of Damage to Target gains gold. If the contract is not fulfilled in 1 Lap, the Merchant may pay extra to summon Outside Help.

Flair:  – [Sharp Distribution Chain] – The Merchant’s Shop begins at Level 2 and may be Leveled to 7.

Physical Description: Short, rainbow hair. Pale and average height. Navy blue eyes.

Family: Ark, Alicia, unnamed unicorn dad.

Background: Monday grew up on her own around her family’s castle. One night she stumbled across a neon-green skeleton killing servants on castle grounds and followed it to town. The skeleton turned out to be a girl named Outbreak who had a friend named Nax. They told Monday she was a Luna, and let her copy their abilities. Then, Monday decided to leave her family’s castle. She was tired of living on her own and decided she wanted a family instead.

After she found a new home, Monday started working on her AlterNet character with quests. But, she’s still learning how to socialize with others. Though, she is learning.

Monday has decided to pursue her own goals instead of attending Toku-high. To that end, she began rustling up business deals anywhere she could. Once she had enough, she managed to turn a military base into a farm to gather high-value crafting materials. The farm runs itself and she’s able to sell her talents to increase her revenue streams.

Although Monday does not consider herself a student, she is friendly with several students of the school, including Turbo. They arranged a deal that allowed her to sell his custom-made visors. Part of that deal also put Monday to work gathering information on Abby, another student at Toku-high, for Turbo.

Things were going well and her dreams were thoroughly underway; but, then Ballisea dropped some important information on her. She needed someone to talk to; but, didn’t feel comfortable enough opening up to any of her friendly acquaintances from the school. So, she sought out a Glory.

Glory helped put things in perspective for her. At some point, Mrs. Sharp visited with Monday to help clarify what Ballisea said. Not long after that, Monday began trading in souls. And, she is backed by Sharp Development. Her intelligence, natural charm, and eye for opportunity make her very efficient at slinging souls. So much so that she quickly became an official representative of Sharp Development.

Her biological mother, Alicia, is a Zero Vampire that runs a hotel for mythical creatures. Her biological father is a Unique(#35) Unicorn. And then, there’s ARK.

Turbo Focus (2-27-22)

Sharp Directive (3-20-22)

Sharp Circle (3-22-22)

Monday. Hell. (3-23-22)

Pleasant Monday (3-25-22)

Bloody Cool (3-30-22)

Sharp Soil (4-04-22)

Bringing Outbreak In (4-09-22)

Sharp Professional (4-12-22)

Monday’s Advice (4-25-22)

Loyal? No Question (5-06-22)

Useless Life. Useless Death. (5-24-22)

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