Team: New Luchadoras – sponsored by Sharp Development.

Unique: #45 – El Venado: These Uniques are often supernaturally graceful. El Venado has a timid presence that may help them survive dangerous encounters. Those seeking to be violent to a Venado often decide it’s just not worth the trouble. They can be hard-headed, and S-tier Venados have been known to defend themselves with ethereal antlers.

Tier: S

Name: Moose

Login phrase: TBA

AlterNet Character: Moose

Race: Minotaur

Soul: Minotaur

Class:  Clown

Spec: Rodeo

Favorite l.oadout: (can be changed during a pit stop)

Agility: TBA

Charisma: TBA

Dexterity: [Gag Reflex] – 35MP – [Clown, Passive] – Character automatically drops a random object when damaged, if they have sufficient MP. Inflicts a random debuff on the Opponent that damaged them for ¼ lap. Upgrades increase duration. Maximum tier triggers when attacked, regardless of damage.

Intelligence: TBA

Stamina: TBA

Strength: TBA

Flair: TBA

Physical Description: Tall and muscular for his age. Dirty blond hair, with a messy cut.

Family: Moose comes from a family of Zeros.

Background: Moose was recruited for the Nexus Academy by Dirge and Dread. He learned about defeating Dark Lords from Duchess’ class. He quickly hit it off with Alvin and joined him on a quest. He also made friends with Dara and Quinn. Moose may look like a standard dumb jock; but, he’s sharp and observant.

He’s good at keeping his calm and managed to stay cool when he found out that Dana Sharp tried to kill God. He joined the B.A.A. as a result of his friendship with Alvin and his intelligence, and they began doing boring, newbie missions together. Though he does his homework on his own.

Though, the boring missions seem to never end.

Time Bureau. Useless. (2-24-22)

Monday. Sharp. (2-25-22)

Prophecy. Rut. (3-05-22)

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