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Unique: #21 – La Mano: These Uniques have the ability to pull objects from other universes. They need to meet two requirements to do this. Their hands cannot be seen and the object they are stealing cannot have eyes on it. Typically La Mano hides their hand in a bag or pocket, however higher tier Manos are able to use their ability in the open, as long as their hands aren’t watched.

Tier: – A

Name: Xap

Login phrase: TBA

AlterNet Character: Xap

Race: Orc


Class:  Card Mage: Card Mages may equip theme decks that allow them to draw cards from a Metadeck. A Metadeck contains all cards from a given theme and deals them out to all Card Mages in the game with a matching deck. If more than one character is drawing cards at the same time, the Metadeck alternates dealing cards between all of them.

Class Ability: [Lucky Card] – Character may play their favorite card any time, whether it’s in their deck or not for 3.5x the cost. Cost doubles for every use on the same lap. If drawn naturally, the card may be played for ⅓  cost. Card must match an equipped Metadeck.


Favorite l.oadout: (can be changed during a pit stop)



Dexterity: [Ninja Deck] – This deck deals burst damage by summoning tools, weapons, and single-attack minions.




Flair: Vegas’ Token: Gives the owner [Free Play] for ⅛ lap. They may play any card in their hand, or in their Metadeck for free. This Equipment cannot be upgraded manually. It upgrades itself as the owner invests into other Abilities.

Physical Description: 4’9″, light green skin, lean


Background: Xap is an Awakened NPC. He was born to a family of Orcs destined to be slaughtered by adventurers over and over again. After an attack, his uncle asked Xap to help him respawn. After killing his uncle, Xap leveled up and was able to accept quests.

Through questing, he learned about his abilities. Then, he felt confident enough to try and join the Dark Lord’s army; until he learned the Dark Lord was a human himself. Not only that, he introduced Xap to other humans, including a doctor.

An accidental encounter with Turbo changed Xap’s luck for the better.

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