Team: TBA

Unique: #35 – La Estrella: These Uniques are innately able to Traverse. For many Estrellas, this happens accidentally while they are still Slumbering. Due to this, Estrellas also have the ability to see the soul of others like Mundo; their eyes glow with golden stars when they use their ability. When an Estrella is born, a star is created for them, and they are able to channel plasma from the star through their hands. A majority of Estrellas are also born with angelic wings, however, these are often hidden in the void until the Estrella is Awakened. It is possible for an Estrella to learn how to channel plasma from a different star than the one they were born with. An Estrella’s tier is tied to its star; it grows stronger if it bonds with a higher-tier star.

Tier: S

Name: Fornax

Login phrase: Trust Me

AlterNet Character: Nax



Class: Thief:  [Mug] – Character has a Minor chance to steal Minor GP from the target when dealing damage. Upgrades give a greater chance to steal greater amounts. Maximum tier grants a Minor chance to steal the target’s Flair. Stolen Flair may be worn at Level 1 along with their own Flair for the rest of the lap. Stolen Flair is returned to the owner when they complete their lap. If this character has not completed their lap, the Flair is removed from them and returned to its owner.


Favorite l.oadout: (can be changed during a pit stop)

Agility: [Quickstep] – Minor MP reserved. 20MP when Activated. – [Active, Aura, Human, Movement, Passive] – Character’s base speed is increased by a Minor amount. Upgrades add greater amounts. Maximum tier allows the character to Dash once per lap. [Dash] doubles the Character’s base speed for ⅓ lap.


Dexterity: [Shadow Meld] – 20MP- [Active, Movement, Shadow magic] – Character may travel ¼ lap through shadows. Traveling through shadows does not burn buff timers. Debuff timers burn twice as fast. Upgrades increase distance. Maximum tier removes all debuffs when entering shadows once per lap.



Strength: [Stab] – 10MP [Active, Basic, Weapon skill] – Character deals Moderate damage. Ability becomes [Backstab] if attacking from behind. Character deals Major Damage. Ability becomes [Sneak Attack] if the target is unaware. (Asleep; Blind & Deaf; Taunted) Character deals Massive damage. Upgrades add greater damage. Maximum tier adds Major Bleed for ⅔ lap.


Physical Description: Pale, dirty blonde hair, athletic.


Background: Fornax was born on a medieval Earth; but, he wanted more. He Traversed to a bustlin magitek city and panicked. After hiding in the forest, he met Outbreak. She introduced him to the Nexus Academy and began showing him around the AlterNet; including an Earth where the sun was blinking in morse code.

During a zombie outbreak at the Nexus Acadmey, Nax joined a group with Outbreak, Molly, Sprocket, Kim, and Steph. Then, he met Monday. Not long after that, she asked him to go questing with her for some reason.

He spends most of his time having fun and playing the game.

Purpose & Perspective (3-18-22)

Crushing Outbreak (3-24-22)

Stellar Courtesy (4-02-22)

Playing with the Heart (4-15-22)

Prospects. Unlimited. (5-10-22)

Stellar Conscience (5-18-22)

Unseen Game (5-22-22)

Stellar Enthusiasm (5-25-22)

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