Team: New Luchadoras

Unique: #52 – La Maceta: These Uniques are rooted to the Earth they are born on and cannot Traverse. They have the ability to control nearby plant life and converse with plants; not that plants have much to say. They log in to the AlterNet remotely using a mudroom.

Name: Petunia

Login phrase:

AlterNet Character: Ptunia

Race: Elf

Soul: Sun Eater – [Tumbleweed] – Character gains a Minor bonus to any Speed boost received. Upgrades increase bonus. Maximum tier grants the team a Moderate bonus to any Speed boost received.

Class: Healer – [Healing Touch] – 15MP – Character may pay the MP cost to add a targeted Minor Heal to any Ability. Upgrades increase Heal tier. Maximum Tier grants Mass Heal once per lap.

Spec: TBA

Favorite l.oadout: (can be changed during a pit stop)

Agility: [Quick Heal] – 25MP – [Active, Healing, Movement,] – Heals the target for Moderate HP and grants a Minor Speed boost for ¼ lap. Upgrades increase healing amount, Speed, and duration. Maximum tier gives the base ability [Free Play]

Charisma: TBA

Dexterity:  TBA

Intelligence: TBA

Stamina: TBA

Strength: TBA

Flair: TBA

Physical Description: Tall for her age, lithe, with short blonde hair and green eyes.

Family: Petunia was born to Zero parents.

Background: Petunia grew up next to her best friend, Riot. Even though they were neighbors, Riot always attended a different school, until Petunia was able to join her for freshman year at the Nexus Academy. Early on she and Riot were inseparable. Petunia developed a crush on Riot over the years and wanted to be near her often; and she was quick to defend Riot’s honor.

She of course joined Riot’s roller derby team, and eventually made friends with others on the team too. She did not hesitate to agree when Riot wanted to name the team “New Luchadoras”, despite the negative associations with the name.

She enjoyed participating in school events, especially when she could support Riot. Things were going well until a sleepover one night. While staying over at Vivi’s house with Riot and Tama, it came out that Riot had a slight crush on Turbo and Petunia did not take it well.

She took some time to herself; but, she and Riot have worked it out.

Sage Advice (3-29-22)

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