Team: TBA

Unique: #14 – La Muerte: These Uniques are able to control time. Their ability to manipulate time is why Muertes are the only ones capable of serving as Grim Reapers. All Muertes are able to stop and restart time. B-tier Muertes may also rewind time. A-tier Muertes may fast forward or rewind. S-tier Muertes and above are able to mark off time loops. Lower tier Muertes are unable to stop time for any higher tier Conqueror or Celestial Unique Souls.

Tier: A


Login phrase: Time for fun!

AlterNet Character: Sprket

Race: TBA

Soul: TBA

Class: Swordmage – [Spelltemper] – Character may skate one lap on the Dance track to inscribe a spell on their weapon. [Spelltemper] – Duration: 3 laps. Attacks with this weapon trigger the spell inscribed. The sword-wielder is considered the caster.

Spec: Greatsword – [Broad Sword] – Character may [Spelltemper] a two-handed weapon with two spells. Spells tempered twice will activate twice. Both spells still only require one lap on the Dance track.

Favorite l.oadout: (can be changed during a pit stop)

Agility: TBA

Charisma: TBA

Dexterity:  TBA

Intelligence: [Elemental Temper] – [Elemental, Passive, Swordmage] – Allows the character to temper their weapon with any [Elemental] Spell.

Stamina: [Refresh] – 15MP – [Active, Healing, Nature] – Character may purge all buffs and debuffs. If health is lower than 15%; heal 20% of HP. 

Strength: [Giant’s Swing] – 35MP [Active, AoE, Attack, Cleave, Cone, Sword magic] – Character swings their weapon in a wide arc that strikes all opponents within a ⅛ track cone from the caster.

Flair: TBA

Physical Description: short, light brown hair, thin, prefers shorts

Family: Sprocket was born to Zero parents.

Background: Sprocket was minding his own business playing temporal pranks until Gaia sat him down for the talk along with Molly. Molly and Sprocket stuck together once they started attending the Nexus Academy and often quested together.

During a Zombie outbreak at the school, Sprocket joined a group with Molly, Kim, Steph, Outbreak, and Nax.

Frenzied Dead (1-19-22)

Surprise! Again. (1-20-22)

Outrage! Again. (1-22-22)

Culinary Quest (1-27-22)

Testing Time (2-12-22)

Refund Time (2-28-22)

Awake at Home (4-05-22)

Stone Sun (4-19-22)

Adventure Calls (5-17-22)

First: Time Relationship (5-20-22)

Unseen Game (5-22-22)

Curiosity. Failure. (5-23-22)

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