Team: New Luchadoras

Unique: #32 – El Músico:

Tier: S

Name: Tamashini

Login phrase:

AlterNet Character: Tama

Race: Elf

Soul: Unicorn

Class: Bard- [Theme Music] – Bards may specify an [Aura] that is activated automatically whenever they activate a [Spell] or [Skill]. Equipped abilities may be changed at a pit stop. Different auras may be assigned to spell and skill categories.

Spec: Emcee – [Spotlight] – Slotted spell or skill adds Spotlight effect to the target. If the target is a teammate all debuffs are removed. Buffs are extended for the duration of the Spotlight. If the target is an opponent all buffs are removed. Debuffs are extended for the duration of the Spotlight. Upgraded ability adds speed buff or slow debuff to the Spotlight.

Favorite l.oadout: (can be changed during a pit stop)








Physical Description: dark brown hair, short, average build


Background: Tama was born in Japan on her Earth. She witnessed a great battle, then met a friendly Mundo. Once she started school, she met Riot and joined her roller derby team. She was with the team when Abby returned to the school after being kidnapped.

She played with the team whenever she could and was willing to take on the name New Luchadoras. She practiced with the team enough to start using her abilities strategically with the other members.

During the Halloween event at the school, she quested with Vivi to earn favor with the Magi-knights. She also did some questing on her own for Bard skills. She joined the sleepover at Vivi’s with Riot and Petunia; but, she was the last one to leave. She got to meet Vivi’s pet mimic.

She and Vivi have become best friends, though, she’s a little less squeamish about violence in the AlterNet.

Frenzied Dead (1-19-22)

Always Never Give Up (2-17-22)

Turbo Processing (3-16-22)

Late Night Riot (4-07-22)

Keeping it Quiet (5-02-22)

Public Surprise (5-15-22)

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