Team: Sharp Development

Unique: #35 – La Estrella: Born under the shimmer of a unique celestial body, Estrellas are an unparalleled force. Blessed with the ability to Traverse, Estrellas uncover this ability accidentally in their Slumber. Coupled with the mystical power to perceive the souls and auras of others, their eyes radiate with golden stars, piercing the veil of mystery. Each Estrella’s birth synchronizes with the creation of a unique star, their personal celestial beacon. This star empowers them, allowing them to channel its raw plasma energy through their hands. Often, Estrellas are born with angelic wings, a sight to behold, hidden away until their Awakening. With dedication and practice, an Estrella can harness the energy of stars other than their own, broadening their celestial prowess. Their power surges with the tier of their star, reaching new heights when bonded with a high-tier star. Embark on a thrilling journey with La Estrella!

Tier: S+

Name: Victoria

AlterNet Character: Vicky

Race: Elf – [Mana Starved] – The character taps into their inner reserves to [Drain] a Minor amount of MP from the target when dealing damage while at 0 MP. As upgrades progress, the MP [Drain] becomes more potent. Upon reaching Maximum tier, the ability unleashes a surge of Moderate additional damage alongside the MP [Drain]

Soul: Skeleton – [Arcane Detachment] – The character abandons 3 Aura slots, relinquishing their capacity to restore MP. With a profound disconnect from the realm of magic, they gain Immunity to all Abilities and Effects fueled by the arcane arts. [Spell]

Class: Spellslinger – [Lucky Shot] – The character gains the capability to equip up to 2 Dice, ready to roll and infuse their Abilities with unrivaled enhancements once per lap each Die. The type of Die utilized determines the specific enhancement, introducing an electrifying element of chance and opportunity. As upgrades unfold, the cooldown is drastically reduced, allowing for swift and frequent rolls. Ascending to the maximum tier empowers the character to roll the dice with any Ability used. 

Spec: Riot Mage -[Spellfire Blunderbuss] – [Fighter, Spec, Spellslinger] The character equips a Spell Shotgun. This versatile firearm can be fired using either MP or Spell Ammo, granting unparalleled flexibility in combat. The choice of ammunition determines the type of damage inflicted, allowing for adaptive engagement. The Spellfire Blunderbuss cannot be upgraded. With a thunderous blast, this formidable Ability unleashes Abilities in a sweeping ⅛ lap cone, delivering the full impact to all targets within its reach.

Favorite l.oadout: (can be changed during a pit stop)

Agility: [Suffocating Shot] – 30MP or 1 Spell Ammo [Active, Movement, Spellslinger] The character channels their mystical energy to fire a potent Spell that engulfs the target, instantly stripping away all air within their vicinity. This spellbinding assault inflicts Moderate damage and applies [Silence][Slow] for 1/8 lap. As upgrades progress, the duration of this Spell intensifies, delivering even greater damage to its unfortunate recipients. Reach the Maximum tier of mastery to unleash an even more sinister effect, rendering the target both [Deaf] and [Bleed].

Charisma: [Aura Cleanser] – Cost: 45MP or 2 Spell Ammo – [Active, Aura, Spellslinger] – The character channels their mystical might to launch a focused attack that inflicts Minor damage while dispelling 2 random [Aura] from the target. This potent assault leaves the target devoid of those 2 [Aura] for one lap, unable to replenish their energy. As upgrades unfold, the damage inflicted by this Spell amplifies, magnifying its destructive force. At Maximum tier [Aura Cleanser] dispels 3 [Aura]

Dexterity: [Auto-Reload] – [Passive, Shadow Magic, Spellslinger] – This Ability reloads Shadow Ammo (1) per lap. Shadow Ammo mimics previous Spell Ammo with [Shadow Magic] instead of [Spell] As upgrades progress, the cooldown between reloads diminishes, allowing for swift and seamless resupply. Maximum tier may reload (6) per lap.

Intelligence: [Duration Die] – 25MP or 1 Spell Ammo – [Active, Blue, Gambler, Spellslinger] – The character may roll the Duration Die once per lap, augmenting an Ability’s duration. The result of the roll determines the magnitude of the bonus, ranging from Minor for a roll of 1 to Maximum for a roll of 6. As upgrades progress, the cooldown between rolls decreases, allowing for more frequent manipulation of time. Maximum tier may roll Duration Die with every Ability used.

Stamina: [HP Die] Cost: 25MP or 1 Spell Ammo – [Active, Gambler, Purple, Spellslinger] – The character may roll HP Die once per lap to enhance an Ability’s HP damage or healing. The outcome of the roll determines the magnitude of the bonus bestowed, ranging from Minor for a roll of 1 to Maximum for a roll of 6. As upgrades progress, the cooldown between rolls diminishes, allowing for more frequent twists of fate. Maximum tier empowers the character to roll the HP Die with every Ability used.

Strength: [Buckshot] 40MP or 2 Spell Ammo – [Active, Spellslinger, Weapon Skill] |The character inflicts Major damage upon the target. Applies random [Debuff] for 1/8 lap. Upgrades increase damage output and [Debuff] duration. Maximum tier reduces Cost by 1/2.

Flair: Sam’s Bandolier – The character has a Minor chance to use [Sol Caliber] for Ammo any time Ammo is used. Upgrades increase the chance to load. Sol Caliber applies a Moderate damage boost on top of all other character boosts. Critical Luck when rolling Dice. Upgrades increase the damage. This equipment may only be Upgraded by using Shadow Ammo. Maximum tier guarantees Sol Caliber on the first Ammo use each lap.

Physical Description: Average height, short violet hair.

Family: Sharp Development


Victoria Traversed to a nearly identical Earth while Slumbering. She spent years following her fiancé from a distance; out of sight. She finally built her courage enough to face him and learned of her mistake. The stranger that wasn’t her fiancé introduced her to a Mundo. [Forgotten Star (7-06-19)]

She quickly found her way into Sharp Development and was offered a position that promoted her recovery from heartache. [Sharp Empowerment (12-06-20)]

Being a scout allowed her the flexibility to be available for emergency situations. [Dave gets Bummed (1-19-21)] Though coffee dates fill her normal job hours. [Sharp Cup (1-22-21)]

Though, that wasn’t the only aspect of her job. She scouted in other capacities as well. [Stellar Dis-curse (2-22-21)] Which might be for the best sometimes. [Stellar Pettiness (3-03-21)]

Date by date, Victoria reveals something different to each one. [Day by Day (3-11-21)] She freely switches into work mode during a real date, when appropriate. [Scout. Out. (4-07-21)]

After plenty of time on the job, she developed a strong loyalty to Sharp Development. [Sharp Informant (4-14-21)] Though, she still made time for herself too. [Stellar Normalcy (4-20-21)

It’s inevitable that she meets a few creeps along the way. [Vampire by Starlight (4-29-21)] And sometimes someone exceptionally interesting. [Sharp Class (5-25-21)] There are also times when someone’s just lucky to meet her. [Lucky. Star. (6-02-21)]

Stellar Tour:

She’s close enough to Minerva to enjoy taking her between universes whenever she has the opportunity. [Loneliness. Ruined (8-03-21)] And she’s an easy pick for Minerva’s team, the Skull Crushers. [Stellar Opponents (8-11-21)]

She’s never too proud to seek out the advice of those that might be wiser than her. [Stellar Equipment (8-13-21)] She was also reassigned to the Nexus Academy and off of scouting duty. [Sharp Adjustments (8-27-21)]

The Skull Crusher match against the Green Tornados was briefer than expected and she hardly saw any play. [Sharp End (9-05-21)]

Toku-High: Freshman Year

During the first year of Toku-high, Victoria was assigned to a low-effort class. [AlterNet Class (9-13-21)] It was easy enough that she still found time to date. [Emerging View (10-07-21)] And recruit Uniques for the school. [Restraining Mindset (12-28-21)]

Occasionally her first dates lead to second dates. [Get Out. Go Out. (2-08-22)] Sometimes more than a second date. [Stellar Date (2-10-22)] But, not really a relationship. [Stellar Letdown (2-20-22)]

She’ll occasionally take a date to the AlterNet if they’re ready. [Stellar Discovery (4-03-22)] But, more often than not it’s coffee shops of all kinds. [Stellar Service (4-11-22)]

After countless dates, she finally found someone she genuinely likes. [Stellar Match (4-13-22)] Enough to continue dating even after taking him to Mundo. [Stellar Humor (4-14-22)] And even taking him home. [Stellar Home (4-21-22)] And even taking him to meet her boss. [Stellar Commitment (4-26-22)]

She found herself doing busy work for Sharp development while her new love interest was with Ms. Sharp. [Sharp Racket (5-05-22); Adventure Calls (5-17-22)]

Toku-high: AlterNet Class

The new timeline still has her doing busy work. [Victorious Sale (9-04-22); Sharp Experience (10-05-22)]

While also maintaining a low profile at the school. [Fluttering Keys (1-10-23)]

Aurelio’s Sun ’23

This new old timeline has her back as a scout again. [Sharp Status Quo [(05-27-23)] And other specialty work for Sharp Development. [Sharp Caliber (06-08-23)]. Her actual dates have sometimes resulted in her taking action on behalf of Sharp Development. [Stellar Explanation (06-22-23); Stellar Confidence (07-01-23)]

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