Team: Skullcrushers

Unique: #42 – La Calavera: These Uniques are the strongest, physically, of any Unique Soul. A baseline, D-tier Calavera has the potential to shatter an Earth with little effort, once awakened. Though all Calaveras have immense strength, they also tend to have a secondary ability associated with their name. Zeros that birth a Calavera are compelled to give their child a name that warns of their ability. Calaveras also have several ways to increase their strength. They may align themselves with a Celestial’s court and share the group’s strength. Calaveras may also choose another Calavera to be their rival; this bond works like a mentorship. The strength of the weaker Calavera grows to match its rival the more time they spend around each other.

Tier: S∞

Name: Flutter

Race: Fairy – [Beetle Armor] – Character gains one hand slot that may only equip Shields. Upgrades add more hands. Maximum tier grants a total of six Shield hands to the character. 

Soul: Dragon – [Scaled Soul] – Increases innate defense of character by a Minor amount. All Abilities, Effects, and Equipment that boost Defense grant an additional Minor bonus. Upgrades increase the bonus. Maximum tier grants the character Immunity to Fire Abilities. This includes any support Abilities with a Fire component. [Sync – Characters played by Dragons begin with this Racial Ability at level 2 (Moderate) and may level it up to 7 (Mythical) ]

Class: Paladin – [Righteous Mission] – All debuff durations are reduced by a Minor amount. Upgrades reduce the duration by greater amounts. Maximum tier increases buff duration by a Moderate amount.

Spec: Fortress – [Wrath] – Character may not equip Weapons. Character absorbs and stores a Minor portion of incoming damage in their shields. Damage may accumulate until spent. Charge is lost at the end of the half. Wrath deals 75x absorbed damage to a single target or 35x absorbed damage to all targets in a cone up to ¼ track. Upgrades increase damage and range. Maximum tier tier may discharge the cone in two directions without losing efficacy.

Starting l.oadout: (can be changed during a pit stop)

Agility: [Inertia] – Moderate MP reserved – [Aura, Movement, Passive] – Character gains Minor bonus Armor for every 1 lap completed as long as they remain in forward motion. Upgrades increase bonus. Maximum tier gains armor for every 1/3 lap completed as long as they remain in motion.

Charisma: [Bolstering Presence] – Moderate MP reserved. – [Aura, Paladin, Passive] – Character’s teammates gain a Minor amount of this character’s Defense as bonus Armor. This Armor refills every time this character completes a lap. Upgrades increase bonus Armor and MP reserved. Maximum tier refills shields whenever the Target character completes a lap.

Dexterity: [Void Cloak] – Moderate MP reserved – [Armor, Shadow magic] – Character gains Spell Armor equal to any Armor they gain. Upgrades reduce Spell Armor lost to Spell damage Maximum tier absorbs one Spell once per lap without depleting Spell Armor. 

Intelligence: [Consecration] – 65MP – [Active, Elemental, Fire, Holy] – character unleashes a wave of energy ¼ track forward and ¼ behind. All Opponents caught will receive Major damage. Applies Knockdown. Applies Blind and Deaf for ½ lap. Upgrades increase damage, debuff chance and range. Maximum tier adds Major Fire Damage over ½ lap. 

Stamina: [Scale Armor] – 0MP – [Armor, Dragon, Passive] – Character gains a Minor Amount of Armor each lap. This Armor is cumulative. Upgrades increase Armor gained. Maximum tier heals HP for a Major amount when gaining Armor. [Sync – Characters played by Dragons begin with this Racial Ability at level 2 (Moderate) and may level it up to 7 (Mythical) ]

Strength: [Shield Bash] – 15MP [Active, Weapon skill] – Character may slam up to 2 shields into the target for Minor damage from each shield. Character may pay an additional 8MP per shield to add more. Each shield has a Minor chance to Stun for ⅛ lap. Upgrades increase damage, stun chance and duration. Maximum tier stacks stun duration cumulatively. 

Flair:  Donna Chang’s Menu – Once every five laps this Character may [Order Out] for a buff-granting meal. This requires one lap on the Dance track to consume. Upgrades reduce the cooldown. Maximum tier may order food for the whole team. This equipment may not be upgraded manually. It upgrades itself as laps are completed. Upgrades persist between game halves.

Physical Description: Long, flaming red hair. pale complexion, 8’8′, muscular frame.

Family: Fairy Father, Dragon Mother


Flutter Bye (1-09-18)

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