Team: Skull Crushers

Unique: #42 – La Calavera: These Uniques are the strongest, physically, of any Unique Soul. A baseline, D-tier Calavera has the potential to shatter an Earth with little effort, once awakened. Though all Calaveras have immense strength, they also tend to have a secondary ability associated with their name. Zeros that birth a Calavera are compelled to give their child a name that warns of their ability. Calaveras also have several ways to increase their strength. They may align themselves with a Celestial’s court and share the group’s strength. Calaveras may also choose another Calavera to be their rival; this bond works like a mentorship. The strength of the weaker Calavera grows to match its rival the more time they spend around each other.

Tier: S+

Name: Majesty

AlterNet Character: Mjsty

Race: Earth Elemental – [Top Soil] – Character gains a Minor bonus to HP healed. Upgrades increase the bonus tier. Maximum tier adds regeneration over ¼ lap when using a healing Ability.

Soul: Unicorn – [Pure Magic] – Character gains a Minor chance to dispel a debuff from the Target when using a healing Ability. Upgrades increase chance. Maximum tier dispels a buff from Opponents when damaging with an Ability.

Class: Druid – [Druidic Stones] – Character may enhance any Zone in play with this addition. This enhancement cannot be destroyed independently from the Zone. Druidic Stones increase the cost of Opposing Abilities by one tier. Druidic Stones reduce the cost of Teammate Abilities by one tier. This Ability cannot be upgraded.

Spec: Regrowth – [Evergreen] – Character may Echo any healing Ability for ¾ cost once per lap. Upgrades reduce cost and cooldown. Maximum tier may Echo the ability once more for ¾ the original cost.

Favorite l.oadout: (can be changed during a pit stop)

Agility: [Dis ‘n’ Tangle] – 40MP – [Active, Movement, Nature] – Character applies Taunt and Moderately Slows the Target for ½ lap. The caster may choose a different Target to focus the Taunt onto. Upgrades increase duration and add damage. Maximum tier deals Major damage. Applies Deaf, Slow, and Taunt.

Charisma: [Soothing Presence] – Moderate MP reserved. [Aura, Druid, Nature, Passive] – Character generates a healing Aura. This Aura heals a Minor amount of HP for any Teammate within ¼ track of the caster. This Aura does not heal the caster. Heals every ¼ lap that the caster skates. Upgrades increase range and healing power. Maximum tier heals a Massive amount of HP for any teammate within ⅔ track of the caster. 

Dexterity: [Pocket Sand] – 15MP – [Active, Druid, Nature, Shadow magic] – Applies Blind to the target for ½ lap. Upgrades add damage. Maximum tier deals Moderate damage and adds Bleed. 

Intelligence: [Mana Tree] – 250MP – [Active, Druid, Nature] – Character plants a Mana Tree at the goal line. Teammates regain Major MP when completing a lap. Upgrades increase mana given to teammates. Maximum tier heals Major HP. 

Stamina: [Underbrush] – Moderate MP reserved. – [Armor, Druid, Nature, Passive] – Character has debuff Armor based on their Max HP. Armor refills every two laps. Debuffs must burn through the Armor first before affecting the Character. Upgrades increase efficiency and reduce cooldown. Maximum tier refills Armor every lap.

Strength: [Mudball] – 10MP – [Active, Druid, Earth Elemental, Nature] – Character may sling a Mudball at the target twice per lap. Mudball applies Minor Slow and Blind for ⅛ lap. Upgrades add damage and uses per lap. Maximum tier adds Poison. [Sync – Characters with an Elemental connection to the earth begin with this Racial Ability at level 2 (Moderate) and may level it up to 7 (Mythical) ] Mythical tier adds 

Flair: Peppermint Clover – This equipment automatically heals a random target on the track whenever a healing Ability is used with a Minor preference for teammates. Upgrades increase the chance of a Teammate being healed instead of an Opponent. Grants Armor if healing a Target at Max HP. Maximum tier adds Minor Armor to every heal triggered by this equipment. This equipment cannot be upgraded manually. It upgrades itself as it heals Teammates.

Physical Description:



Deer John (8-02-19)

Freshly Minted (8-04-19)

Majestic Smackdown (8-14-19)

Majestic Life (9-24-19)

Sour- Sweetened (8-07-21)

Parenthood: Majestic (8-15-21)

Sharp End (9-05-21)

Friendship Strikes (3-08-22)

Royal Encouragement (5-09-22)

Heroic Friendship (5-31-22)

Majestic Escape (6-29-22)

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