Unique: #35: – La Estrella: These Uniques are innately able to Traverse. For many Estrellas, this happens accidentally while they are still Slumbering. Due to this, Estrellas also have the ability to see the soul of others like Mundo; their eyes glow with golden stars when they use their ability. When an Estrella is born, a star is created for them, and they are able to channel plasma from the star through their hands. A majority of Estrellas are also born with angelic wings, however, these are often hidden in the void until the Estrella is Awakened. It is possible for an Estrella to learn how to channel plasma from a different star than the one they were born with. An Estrella’s tier is tied to its star; it grows stronger if it bonds with a higher-tier star.

Tier: S∞

Login phrase:

AlterNet Character:

Race: Fire Elemental

Soul: Dragon

Class:  Ninja


Favorite l.oadout: (can be changed during a pit stop)








Physical Description: Pale with short dark hair and dark brown eyes. Shorter and stouter than Ms. Sharp.

Family: Her wife is Dana Sharp and their daughter is Dara.


Sharp Feelings (7-25-18)

Sharp Interest (7-30-18)

Bag of Fish (8-22-18)

Zero Chance (9-09-18)

Team Benefits (9-16-18)

Experimental Year (10-11-18)

Starlit (10-12-18)

Soul-sucking Work (10-20-18)

Expository Dinner (10-22-18)

Product Demo (11-07-18)

Emotional Day (11-14-18)

Choice of Millions (11-16-18)

Wealth of Soul (11-29-18)

Corporate Secret (12-05-18)

Trial and Errors (12-12-18)

Okay, Go! (12-14-18)

Inopportune Opportunity (12-19-18)

Taken In (1-17-19)

Royal Joke (1-18-19)

Sharp Unemployment (1-29-19)

Zero Sharpness (2-02-19)

Sharp View (2-04-19)

Pine-soul (2-12-19)

Sharp Takeover (2-21-19)

Sharp Contact (2-23-19)

Punishing Star (3-01-19)

Sharp Competition (4-08-19)

Sharp Absence (5-31-19)

Experiment Zero (6-24-19)

Sharp Serendipity (6-29-19)

Sharp Gift (6-30-19)

Burning Question (7-02-19)

Shadow Organization (7-03-19)

Damned Sharp (7-07-19)

Sharp Assistance (7-18-19)

Sharp Abandonment (7-24-19)

Sharp Future (8-11-19)

Sharp Memory (8-12-19)

Sharp Signature (8-29-19)

Sharp Schedule (9-04-19)

Soul Food (9-16-19)

Sharp Apology (9-20-19)

Harvesting Informaition (9-28-19)

Sharp Spare (11-27-19)

Holey Soul (12-29-19)

Sharp Promise (1-23-20)

Stellar Slumber (2-01-20)

Hot Melody (2-10-20)

Devilish Informant (2-16-20)

Sharp Kids (3-11-20)

Sharp Procedures (3-21-20)

Sharp Illumination (4-19-20)

Super Glorious Love (4-28-20)

Sharp Signal (5-03-20)

Joe Anybody (5-16-20)

Royal Example (7-11-20)

Sharp Avoidance (7-27-20)

Sharp Shrug (7-28-20)

Sharp Rejection (8-01-20)

Sharp Offer (9-07-20)

Sharp Wording (9-14-20)

Hellish Plan (9-18-20)

Sharp Repercussions (9-29-20)

Sharp Planet (10-25-20)

Sharp Preventions (11-08-20)

Sharp Action (11-19-20)

Sharp Sandbag (11-20-20)

Soul. Sure. (1-03-21)

Sharp Explanation (1-04-21)

Good & Angry (1-15-21)

Following the Sun (2-07-21)

Alice Wanders (2-28-21)

Hellish Escalation (3-13-21)

Sharp in Deed (3-20-21)

Sharp Con-Descension (4-01-21)

Sharp. Waste. (4-12-21)

Sharp Informant (4-14-21)

Sharp Whispers (5-04-21)

Sharp Class (5-25-21)

Justine’s Justification (7-27-21)

‘s Unnecessary (8-04-21)

Sharp Metrics (8-17-21)

Sharp Adjustments (8-27-21)

Sharp Strategy (8-29-21)

Sharp End (9-05-21)

Riotous Request (9-26-21)

Scenery. Ruined. (2-09-22) wedding planner melody

Sharp Circle (3-22-22)

Sharp Help (3-28-22)

Sharp Trend (4-22-22)

Hotter Melody (5-27-22)

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