Team: Green Tornados

Unique: #42 – La Calavera: These Uniques are the strongest, physically, of any Unique Soul. A baseline, D-tier Calavera has the potential to shatter an Earth with little effort, once awakened. Though all Calaveras have immense strength, they also tend to have a secondary ability associated with their name. Zeros that birth a Calavera are compelled to give their child a name that warns of their ability. Calaveras also have several ways to increase their strength. They may align themselves with a Celestial’s court and share the group’s strength. Calaveras may also choose another Calavera to be their rival; this bond works like a mentorship. The strength of the weaker Calavera grows to match its rival the more time they spend around each other.

Tier: S+

Login phrase: “1,2,3,4,5”

AlterNet Character: Ruin

Race: Sand Slime – [Glitter Bomb] – 0MP – Character may blast a colorful sand AoE around itself once per lap. AoE extends for ¼ lap radius. Applies Blind to Opponents for ¼ lap. Reduces Buff duration on opponents by a Minor amount. Upgrades increase radius and duration. Maximum tier also applies Bleed.

Soul: Fairy (Butterfly) – [Molt] – Requires Maximum MP – Character may shed its skin to reveal its [Final Form] once per half. The form may be selected to respond to a situation. [Final Form] persists for 2 laps. Once it fades the Character remains at 0 MP and cannot regain MP for the rest of the half.

Class: Card Mage [Lucky Card] – Character may play their favorite card any time, whether it’s in their deck or not for 3.5x the cost. Cost doubles for every use on the same lap. If drawn naturally, the card may be played for ⅓  cost. Chosen card must match the Metadeck.

Spec: Card Mage [Reshuffle] – The character may shuffle their deck into the Metadeck for new cards once every three laps.

Favorite l.oadout: (can be changed during a pit stop)

Agility: [Hive Mind] – This Minion-focused deck speeds up the team by slowing down the opponents.

Charisma: [Mirage] – 100MP – [Active, Card mage, Zone] – This Zone functions as an addition to a Zone currently in play. This add-on cannot be seen by Opponents. When this add-on is active, Opponents do not benefit from their active Zone. Upgraded tiers fool the Opposing team more completely. May only be upgraded when active. If destroyed, it begins at level 1 again when redeployed.

Dexterity: [Cheat] – 333MP – [Active, Card mage, Shadow magic] Character may put any card in their hand regardless of deck once per half.

Intelligence: [Card Castle] – 100MP – [Active, Card mage, Zone] – This Zone functions as an addition to a Zone currently in play. Caster and teammates gain a random buff for one lap when completing a lap while this Zone is in play. Opponents gain a random debuff when completing a lap while this Zone is in play. Duration is one lap from the Caster. Upgraded tiers increase buff and debuff count.

Stamina: [Fantasy] – This Minion-focused deck calls on dragons, fairies, and unicorns to protect and heal the team.

Strength: [Kinetic Card] – 45MP [Active, Attack, Fire, Impact, Weapon] – Character throws an ethereal card that explodes on impact. Deals [Fire] and [Impact] damage equal to 25x character level. The character may throw a card from their hand; this counts as discarding. If the card is offensive, the effect has a 25% chance of triggering. A card thrown this way deals [Fire] and [Impact] damage equal to 1.2x the cost of the card. Upgrades increase the chance of triggering effect and damage. Maximum tier triggers 100%. Damage equal to 3x the cost of the card

Flair: Vegas’ Token – Gives the owner [Free Play] for ⅛ lap. They may play any card in their hand, or in their Metadeck for free. This Equipment cannot be upgraded manually. It upgrades itself as the owner invests into other Abilities. Maximum tier

Physical Description: Slightly taller than 7′. Pale and bald. He has a bat skull tattooed on top of his head with the number 42 on it. He’s a vampire.



Vacation. Ruined (12-03-20)

Jail. Ruined. (2-24-21)

Recording. Ruined. (4-27-21)

Excitement. Ruined (6-24-21)

Emotions. Ruined. (7-09-21)

Solar Secret (7-13-21)

Stellar Attributes (7-14-21)

Starlight Social (7-15-21) ruin prefers A positive, mid-30s blood. at least, that’s what he ordered.

Disgusting Myth (7-16-21)

Dating Life: Ruined (7-19-21)

Tentacle Tuesday (7-20-21)

Hardmode. Easy Decision (7-21-21)

Sunny Proposition (7-22-21)

Sun. Down. (7-29-21)

Sensitive Sun (7-30-21)

Loneliness. Ruined (8-03-21)

Stellar Opponents (8-11-21)

Sharp Scholarship (8-18-21)

What a Riot (8-19-21)

Sharp End (9-05-21)

Ruinous Announcement (11-09-21)

Faith. Ruined. (11-19-21)

Almost Ruined (2-05-22)

Scenery. Ruined. (2-09-22)

Notions Ruined (3-21-22)

Chrome Connection (4-10-22)

Suit. Ruined. (5-16-22)

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