Team: Honeybees

Unique: #42 – La Calavera: These Uniques are the strongest, physically, of any Unique Soul. A baseline, D-tier Calavera has the potential to shatter an Earth with little effort, once awakened. Though all Calaveras have immense strength, they also likely have a secondary ability associated with their name. Zeros that birth a Calavera are compelled to give their child a name that warns others of their Unique Ability. Calaveras also have several ways to increase their strength. They may align themselves with a Celestial’s court and share the group’s strength. Calaveras may also choose another Calavera to be their rival; this bond functions as a mentorship. The strength of the weaker Calavera grows to match its rival the more time they spend near each other.

Tier: S∞

Name: Honey

Login phrase:

AlterNet Character: Honey

Race: Slime – [S-4] Character may add a flammable jelly to their attacks. When ignited, burns the target for 1/8 lap. Deals Minor damage over 1/8 lap. Cannot be extinguished with environmental effects.

Soul: Dragon – [Molten Lungs] – Character may breathe fire once per lap. Attack deals Minor [Fire] damage. Ignites anything flammable.

Class: Monk – [Combo] – Character gains Minor damage boost for each successful attack in a row on a single target for 1/3 lap.

Spec: Dragonfist – [Sparking Strikes] – Character may ignite any flammables on the target when attacking without a weapon.

Favorite l.oadout: (can be changed during a pit stop)

Agility: [Slimetrap] – [Active, Attack, DoT, Movement, Trap, Nature, Flammable] – Slimetrap holds the target in place to allow the caster to travel away 1/4 track. Creating a Slimetrap gives the caster a Minor Speed boost for 1/2 lap.

Charisma: [Sticky Coating] – [Affliction, Passive, Elemental] – The next Buff or Heal cast on the Target is less effective. The next Debuff cast on the Target is more effective. [Sticky Coating] is removed after the first activation. [Sticky Coating] does not stack.

Dexterity: [non-Newtonian] [Slime] – Character Reflects a Minor amount of [Impact] damage.

Intelligence: [Acid Rain] [Active, Nature, Flammable] – Rains flammable acid on opponents within 1/4 track( 1/8 track in front/behind.)

Stamina: [Regeneration] [Passive, Healing] – Monk regenerates 10% health upon completing a lap.

Strength: [Snap Punch] [Active, Attack, Basic] – Character deals Minor damage. No cooldown.


Physical Description: Curly, shoulder-length blonde hair. Translucent Honey-gold eyes.



Pineapple Cup:

Honey’s origins are unknown to almost everyone including herself. Her earliest memories begin inside a mysterious facility. She escaped, but her hiding skills did not improve. Luckily, she met a friend that introduced her to the AlterNet. She learned fast and soon owned her own guild.

Starting the guild from scratch meant she needed recruits. She wasn’t shy about recruiting almost anyone she met. It did not take long for her guild to fill with friendly faces. Including some that are extremely powerful. Despite being the leader, she always found time to help her guild members quest, or help her friends with anything.

Sticky Situation (7-15-19)

Slimy Guild (8-25-19)

Slimy Friend (9-07-19)

Honey-Sucker (9-08-19)

Honey Pie (10-17-19)

Handy Explanation (7-23-20)

Cherry’s Skills (9-12-20)

Sweet Dragon (2-26-21)

Incredible Welcome (6-09-21)

Aurelio’s Sun:

Years after the Pineapple Cup, Honey remains just as welcoming as ever. She doesn’t hesitate to complete quests; but, she’s still friendly to everyone. Now that her guild had grown large enough to own its own Server, Honey eventually began farming in order to trade with alternate universes.

Honey even managed to make friends while working at a farm. But all her friends, both new and old, know they can count on her help. But, she’s never afraid to reach out for help either. And, she has a lot of friends to reach out to. There’s no question why.

Sweet Invitation (6-20-22)

Honey’s Quest (6-23-22)

Sweet Perfection (7-02-22)

Sweet Start (7-08-22)

Sweet Independence (7-11-22)

Sweet Facts (7-12-22)

Sweet Advice (7-21-22)

That’s Barley Advice… (7-23-22)

Shuffled Around (7-25-22)

Sweet Support (7-29-22)

Known. Forgotten. (8-02-22)

Sweet Discovery (8-08-22)

Sour Past. Sweet Future. (8-09-22)

Sunny Service (8-12-22)

Sweet Hope (8-16-22)

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