Alis (Borealis)

Team: (Molly’s Team)

Unique: #35 – La Estrella: These Uniques are innately able to Traverse. For many Estrellas, this happens accidentally while they are still Slumbering. Due to this, Estrellas also have the ability to see the soul of others like Mundo; their eyes glow with golden stars when they use their ability. When an Estrella is born, a star is created for them, and they are able to channel plasma from the star through their hands. A majority of Estrellas are also born with angelic wings, however, these are often hidden in the void until the Estrella is Awakened. It is possible for an Estrella to learn how to channel plasma from a different star than the one they were born with. An Estrella’s tier is tied to its star; it grows stronger if it bonds with a higher-tier star.

Tier: S

Name: Borealis

Login phrase:

AlterNet Character: Alis

Race: Elf – [Tradition of Knowledge] – The Character may choose one Active skill *(from a list) to learn permanently. [Fireball] – Casts a ball of fire to deal Moderate [Fire] damage to a target. Fireball [Ignites].

Soul: Spider – [Silk Thread] – The Character may create a spool of silk thread once per lap. The Character may spend 10MP to create an additional silk spool. This cost doubles each time it is used in the same lap.

Class: Ninja – [Shadow Strike] – The Character may add Minor [Void] damage to an Attack once per Lap.

Spec: Fury – [Ninja Magic] – The Character may use any Element present on the track to cast an Attack Spell. All Spells deal Minor damage along with an added Effect. The Element used determines the extra effect.

Favorite l.oadout:








Physical Description: Chestnut curly hair with pink highlights, shoulder length. Tan skin, athletic build.


Background: Alis grew up with the ability to see how people felt towards her. Although she did not know it at the time, this was an extension of her Star Sight. She met Steph while trailing a new color that she hadn’t seen before. Steph was familiar with the AlterNet enough to introduce Alis to the AlterNet and her friends.

After visiting with Mundo and creating her character, she wanted to see more of the multiverse. Molly and Steph decided to take her to a mall owned and operated by Sharp Development. After gearing up her friends helped her choose a spell to learn permanently.

She chose the Fireball Spell and can now cast it at any time. She can also combine it with her Ninja Magic Ability to give herself a Buff that increases her Attack Power. Alis is easy-going and gets along well with her teammates, though especially well with another newcomer, Surge.

Lone Star (9-10-22)

Uniform Shopping (9-12-22)

Stellar Potential (9-28-22)

Stellar Assassin Assistant (10-01-22)

Sun & Star (10-13-22)

Surge of Confusion (10-14-22)

Stellar Crush (10-17-22)

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