Unique: #46 – El Sol: These Uniques have limitless potential. Most Sols begin at B-tier and they all have the potential to reach S∞-tier. El Sol grows in power by absorbing souls, though Unique Souls grant the greatest boost. Souls they absorb are not consumed and may be freed at the whim of El Sol. They also have the ability to generate a warm aura of trust that leaves people in a suggestive state. El Sol at A-tier and above may learn to use Estrella’s Sight. El Sol at S-tier and above may learn to give temporary boons to Zeros.

Tier: S∞

Name: Buddy

Login phrase:

AlterNet Character: Buddy



Class: Paladin

Spec: Fortress

Favorite l.oadout: (can be changed during a pit stop)








Physical Description: a talking golden retriever with a shiny golden coat

Family: Clara is his best friend and a human Zero.

Background: Buddy was adopted as a pup by a Zero named Clara. Once he was comfortable he revealed his ability to talk and they’ve been inseparable ever since. He lived a quiet life with her on a single Earth until a Unique A.I. named Io invaded. He tried to get Ballisea to intervene, but she was no help at all. Buddy and Clara were forced to move to another Earth.

Buddy and Clara did not last very long on the new Earth either. Meredith destroyed the Earth as a favor to Chroma. On the next Earth, Buddy became aware of Dana Sharp’s call for a Moment. His concerns were validated when Dana Sharp herself propositioned him.

Solar Buddies (12-02-21)

Best Buddies (1-23-22)

Momentary Buddy (5-26-22)

Deadly Buddy (8-05-22)

Toku-high: AlterNet Class

In the AlterNet Class timeline, Buddy is carrying some regrets. He saved Clara; but, the multiverse is entirely under Dana Sharp’s control.

Regretful Buddy (9-15-22)

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