Aurelio’s Sun ’23

The months leading up to Aurelio’s Senior Prom and Oren’s 18th birthday party serve as the crucial backdrop for events that shape the destiny of the multiverse. This time period is known to Muertes as Aurelio’s Sun and is indexed by Sharp Standard Time (SST). This time stream is a Unique segment that is closely monitored and unauthorized changes are impossible. Revisions require agreement from the Celestial Courts.

This arc marks the 23rd major revision. After the events of Toku-high: AlterNet Class, the Celestial Courts agreed to let Dana Sharp create her own revision of the time stream, including the addition of an AlterNet patch. The patch will be implemented at the end of Aurelio’s Sun ’23 on August 18th, SST. Five new Classes, Five new Races, and 15 new Unique Souls will be officially added.

[Sharp Status Quo] Someone travels for work and doesn’t fall in love; they focus on working. 786 words. 786 words total. May 27, 2023  [Cast: Victoria: #35, La Estrella]
  • Victoria enjoys a first date.
[Royally Rude] “Why would a human even adopt me?”, said the little girl, “Don’t you know I am a vampire?” 773 words. 1559 words total. May 28, 2023 [Cast: Justice: #47, La Corona; Donna Chang: #35, La Estrella; Oren: #47, La Corona; Nebula: #35, La Estrella]
  • Justice invites someone new to the orphanage.
[Stellar Reputation] Legally ordering anything invites a delivery person to bring it into your property. As a starved vampire you just learned that fact. 1099 words. 2658 words total. May 29, 2023 [Cast: Britt: #35, La Estrella; Dora: #14, La Muerte]
  • Britt helps out a stranger in need.
[Reset by Moonlight] You, a supervillain are rather confused on why your minions haven’t abandoned you yet and are fighting the heroes to rescue you. 947 words. 3605 words total. May 30, 2023 [Cast: Aury: #23, La Luna; Oren: #47, La Corona]
  • Aury’s saved by a glitch.
[Justice Delivered] It sounded like a good deal. A second chance at life in a magic world, a powerful new body, and you’ll get to be a paladin. Just sign the papers. Immediately, your soul is taken and stuffed into a homunculus body. When you come to, you’re a slave knight to a corrupt church. 929 words. 4534 words total. May 31, 2023 [Cast: Justice: #47, La Corona]
  • Justice helps a client along.
[Lunar Rush] You are the first man to ever land on the moon but when you go outside, you see something. A person. Without gear. And he is staring straight at you. 652 words. 5186 words total. June 01, 2023 [Cast: Phoenix: #35, La Estrella; 23: #23, La Luna]
  • Phoenix is looking for a stranger. Phoenix finds a stranger.
[Royal History] A person calls a help line and gets a very different sort of help than they expected. 827 words. 6013 words total. June 02, 2023 [Cast: Justice: #47, La Corona]
  • Justice helps by mistake.
[Relatively Sunny] You gaze upon the one that stole the stars, finally able to ask them one question. “Why?” 637 words. 6650 words total. June 03, 2023 [Cast: Ballisea: #46, El Sol; Six: #06, La Sirena; 23: #23, La Luna]
  • Ballisea gets the Sixth degree.
[Knight: Bloodbound] Your daughter seems to be socially flourishing in her Girl Scout troop until she comes back from the annual retreat with an extra arm and a suitcase of $500,000 dollars. 838 words. 7488 words total. June 04, 2023  [Cast: Justice: #47, La Corona]
  • Justice supports a family.
[Slumbering. Interruption.] In the middle of the night, you wake up to see a vampire standing before you. But instead of wanting to drink your blood, they seek sanctuary in your house as they are hiding from a vampire hunter in the neighborhood. 790 words. 8278 words total. June 05, 2023 [Cast: – ]
  • A story takes place somewhere.
[Knight’s Resolution] The secretary at the law firm gasps, then shakes her head. “That’s the name of the hotel that was here before this building. It burned down, sixty years ago, killing dozens of people. Every year, someone shows up, somehow having made a reservation…” 968 words. 9246 words total. June 06, 2023 [Cast: Justice: #47, La Corona]
  • Justice doing her part for the company.
[Royal Subject] You must be desperate if you come to me of all people for help. 482 words. 9728 words total. June 07, 2023 [Cast: Justice: #47, La Corona; Coronado: #47, La Corona]
  • Justice is organizing an event.
[Sharp Caliber] A wizard and a gunsmith work together to make a magical gun. 1146 words. 10874 words total. June 08, 2023 [Cast: Victoria: #35, La Estrella]
  • Victoria on the job.
[Revelation Eclipsed] “Doctor, I’ll remind you that this is an Archaeology conference, not a Science fiction convention. Do you really expect us to believe you have found evidence of time travel?” 689 words. 11563 words total. June 09, 2023 [Cast: 23: #23, La Luna; Janet: #42, La Calavera]
  • 23 in training.
[Sharp Hype] On tonight’s exciting episode of “Dungeon Search and Rescue”… 566 words. 12129 words total. June 10, 2023  [Cast: Justice: #47, La Corona]
  • Justice gets on TV to make an important announcement.
[Stellar Perspective] It’s never too late to change. 903 words. 13032 words total. June 11, 2023 [Cast: Dora: #14, La Muerte; Britt: #35, La Estrella; Donna Chang: #35, La Estrella; 23: #23, La Luna]
  • Donna and 23 have an enlightening discussion.
[Royally Persistent] “Run dear, run fast. Don’t be scared, I’ll be right behind you.” 701 words. 13733 words total. June 12, 2023 [Cast: Justice: #47, La Corona]
  • Justice is bug hunting.
[Chromatic Friendship] The captain of a container ship mentions an island in the middle of the ocean. Somehow all satellites seem to have missed it? 960 words. 14693 words total. June 13, 2023 [Cast: Meredith: #37, El Mundo]
  • Chroma Corp. doing its own thing.
[Royally Persuaded] Scientists discovered how to alter the vibrational states of matter, leading to controllable matter transmutation that ignores the laws of conservation of mass/energy. A post-scarcity world emerges, until someone/something shows up to see who’s been messing with the universe’s source code. 1094 words. 15787 words total. June 14, 2023 [Cast: Phoenix: #35, La Estrella; Oren: #47, La Corona]
  • Phoenix on the job.
[Chrome Cleaning] Three of your coworkers have gone missing in the past week, yet no one in the office seems the least bit concerned. You decide to bring it up to your boss, to which he replies “oh, that? You didn’t get the memo?” 802 words. 16589 words total. June 15, 2023 [Cast: Meredith: #37, El Mundo]
  • Meredith cleaning up.
[Sharp Compassion] The world didn’t end because of nuclear war. It didn’t end because of zombies. It didn’t even end because of climate change. No, the world ended after a little-known representative from Kansas snuck a provision into a routine spending bill. 629 words. 17218 words total. June 16, 2023 [Cast: Phoenix: #35, La Estrella]
  • Phoenix shows off his softer side.
[Heart. Ache.] As a magician you know magic tricks are just illusions but seeing this person do a magic trick in front of you… that was magic. 855 words. 18073 words total. June 17, 2023 [Cast: Jack: #25, El Borracho; Runehart: #27, El Corazon]
  • Runehart gets something to eat.
[Sharp & Petty] The prospective client sits at your desk, begging for your help. He doesn’t recognize you, but you’d never forget the bully made your high school years hell. 950 words. 19023 words total. June 18, 2023  [Cast: – ]
  • Sharp Development in action.
[Royally Reassured] Since the hit of the VR craze you’ve become somewhat of a local legend, topping all leaderboards in a popular VR fantasy game. One night after a long day of playing you take your headset off, but you still see the blacksmith. 1059 words. 20082 words total. June 19, 2023 [Cast: Justice: #47, La Corona]
  • Justice helps out a stranger.
[Quest for the Princess] There are many kidnapped, trapped, or imprisoned Princesses. In fact… there are too many Princesses. Logistically, it makes no sense.803 words. 20885 words total. June 20, 2023 [Cast: Justice: #47, La Corona; Jenny: #46, El Sol; Finn: #50, El Pescado]
  • Justice asks Jenny for help.
[Death. Fan.] The lead actor of your still-production-film has passed away due to an illness. However, he is revived again in full health the next day. Unbeknownst to everyone, you, the director, had secretly negotiated with Death to postpone his death until after the day after the film premieres in theaters. 944 words. 21829 words total. June 21, 2023 [Cast: Dora: #14, La Muerte]
  • Dora meets a star.
[Stellar Explanation] As the meteor was hurtling towards the planet, and all seemed lost, the skies opened. A sole winged figure came to Earth’s defense. 838 words. 22667 words total. June 22, 2023 [Cast: Victoria: #35, La Estrella]
  • Jeff meets a star.
[Stellar Explanation] Write a low stakes multiverse story – too often multiverse stories are about stopping the end of the multiverse or time. 1026 words. 23693 words total. June 23, 2023

  • Sharp Development in action.
[Seriously Sharp] You decide to join a LARP group, and show up to your first session. There was a warning that these sessions are serious and real, which you brushed-off… until now… 785 words. 24478 words total. June 24, 2023 [Cast: – Justice: #47, La Corona]
  • Justice and Liberty bond.
[Novel Wish] You work for make a wish and a kid wished to meet a supervillain. 752 words. 25230 words total. June 25, 2023 [Cast: – Gaia: #37, El Mundo; Cadence: #32, El Musico]
  • Gaia spends some time with her daughter.
[Sharp Improvement] It’s 2132, society around the world has devolved into tribes and warlords fighting each other for resources and for survival. As you scavenge an old military complex, you bump into a computer and a large screen on the wall flashes… and you are greeted by it’s previously dormant A.I. 859 words. 26089 words total. June 26, 2023 [Cast: – Helios: #46, El Sol]
  • Helios helps out.
[Time to Unpack] The new initiates into the werewolf pack get to choose which way they are changed into werewolves themselves. The initiates this month all made rather common or predictable choices, except for the last one: not even the werewolves knew about THAT method. 980 words. 27069 words total. June 27, 2023 [Cast: – Dora: #14, La Muerte]
  • Dora doing her own thing.
[Time to Explore] Music is out of tune, love and pleasure only breed boredom in your senses and your ego has completely deflated. Who are you? An immortal bard who has lived for so many centuries. 1067 words. 28136 words total. June 28, 2023 [Cast: – Dora: #14, La Muerte]
  • Dora delivering kindness.
[Quest for Liberty] POV: You’re an evil overlord, slayer of armies, destroyer of kingdoms and feared by all. One day you are faced with the biggest challenge of all, on the doorstep of your fortress is basket with a baby in it and a simple note “you know what to do”. 973 words. 29109 words total. June 29, 2023 [Cast: Justice: #47, La Corona]
  • Justice helps Liberty.
[Don’t. Leave.] The hero falls unconscious in the villain’s arms, a plea of “Don’t leave me” fresh from their lips. And even a villain would not betray that trust. 1202 words. 30311 words total. June 30, 2023 [Cast: Roy: #42, La Calavera; Diavola: #02, El Diablito]
  • Roy gets 2 for 1.
[Stellar Confidence] Yesterday, the President jokely pledged America to an alien empire. Today, the delegates have arrived in Washington D.C 1029 words. 31340 words total. July 01, 2023 [Cast: Victoria: #35, La Estrella]
  • Victoria meets someone that makes her smile.
[Time to Whale] The highest ranking adventurer group in the world consists of members of the royal court. From the court jester to the princess, every member of the court is an adventurer. 447 words. 31787 words total. July 02, 2023 [Cast: 23: #23, La Luna; Dora: #14, La Muerte; Six: #06, La Sirena]
  • Dora groups up with 23 and Six.
[Sentimental. Heart.] The person you have been dating reveals that they have been paid to like you and the real person behind the mask is an 80yr old millionaire. 1164 words. 32951 words total. July 03, 2023 [Cast: Jack: #25, El Borracho; Runehart #27, El Corazon]
  • Yvette gets Jacked.
[Sharp Supervision] You noticed an app you didn’t download on your phone and as you explore it you discover that it’s the browser of a parallel universe. 1068 words. 34019 words total. July 04, 2023 [Cast: Phoenix: #35, La Estrella]
  • Phoenix working.
[Happiness? Unlichly.] In a world where the supernatural and normal worlds live openly with each other, you are job counselor specifically trained to help the supernatural get jobs. Today, you are greeted by a recently awakened lich looking for a job.834 words. 34853 words total. July 05, 2023 [Cast: -]
  • Sharp Development making people happy.
[Royal Protection] An adventurer made a cottage in uncharted forest that had a large dragon population. The adventurer retires and starts to feed and befriend the dragons. When bandits come looking for loot. Legendary dragons rise to protect the elderly adventurer. 924 words. 35777 words total. July 06, 2023 [Cast: Ruby: #47, La Corona; Tim: #14, La Muerte]
  • Ruby and Tim look out for a friend.
[Twins. Good.] These little girls have just defeated all your minions, destroyed your bases and ruined all of your plans. You did not want to do this but you have no other choice but to inform their parents of their dangerous antics. 401 words. 36178 words total. July 07, 2023 [Cast: Gaia: #37, El Mundo]
  • Gaia helps a villain through a rough patch.
[Sharp Magnanimity] Today is your orientation for your new job. You got a job at a newly founded charity. During orientation the speaker explains the charity travels out to help rebuild cities after cataclysmic events such as Alien Invasions, Weaponized Black Holes, and Kaiju battles. 740 words. 36918 words total. July 08, 2023 [Cast: Phoenix: #35, La Estrella]
  • Phoenix unloads some work on an underling.
[Merchant of Dust] Pixies are carnivorous creatures, that lure humans into the woods and lead them to a certain death before feasting on them. 666 words. 37584 words total. July 09, 2023 [Cast: 23: #23, La Luna; Cassie: #35, La Estrella]
  • Phoenix unloads some work on an underling.
[Time to Know Yourself] I sit in silence, and listen. There’s a knock on my bedroom door, yet I’m home alone. 987 words. 38571 words total. July 10, 2023 [Cast: Dora: #14, La Muerte]
  • Dora delivers a new experience.
[Sharp Obstruction] Humanity figures out interdimensional travel. Which is quickly used during an alien invasion. 838 words. 39409 words total. July 11, 2023 [Cast: Phoenix: #35, La Estrella]
  • Phoenix delivers some news.
[‘S Undone] Exploring a long abandoned computer shop, you stumble across a lone computer that’s still turned on. “HELP” and a blinking cursor are all that appear on it’s screen. 1253 words. 40662 words total. July 12, 2023 [Cast: Helios: #46, El Sol]
  • Helios’ gets his fun interrupted.
[Justice Attempted] You have lost count of how many time travelers have come to kill you. You don’t know why they came and at this point you don’t care. You will become what they fear simply out of spite. 1181 words. 41843 words total. July 13, 2023 [Cast: Justice: #47, La Corona; Phoenix: #35, La Estrella; Ophelia: #14, La Muerte]
  • Justice and Phoenix make a new friend.
[Excited. Which?] As a powerful witch, you have no shortage of people trying to become your apprentice. Over the years, you’ve gotten quite good at driving them off – but this one simply won’t go away! 893 words. 42736 words total. July 14, 2023 [Cast: Ophelia: #14, La Muerte]
  • Ophelia begins chasing her dreams.
[Future. Near.] “Nothing much to see here. A normal life: you live, you die,” says the fortune teller. But the look on her face tells a different story. 1190 words. 43926 words total. July 15, 2023 [Cast: -]
  • Helios working in the background.
[Future: Learned] In this world, when a person dies, every memory and instance of them will slowly begin to fade away. In twenty-four hours, it will be as if they never existed at all. 899 words. 44825 words total. July 16, 2023 [Cast: Opheila: #14, La Muerte; 23: #23, La Luna]
  • 23 learns by teaching.
[Accounting: Error] You are a skilled assassin. One day you wake up and find yourself living a normal life as an accountant. It turns out you have switched places with a doppelganger from another universe. 1251 words 46076 words total. July 17, 2023 [Cast: Jane: #68, El Rio]
  • Jane’s been busy.