Expository Interrogation

“I didn’t mean to hurt them!” Elsa Fuller yelled the moment Dr. Mundo opened the door. She pleaded from her shackled seat as the doctor stepped into the room. “Their corpses say otherwise,” Dr. Mundo sat down in front of Elsa. The woman in a straight jacket shook her head. “I can control time! I…

Dreaded Surprise

Robert’s phone chimed for the first time in two years. The forgotten sound distracted him from his lunch and he stared at his phone in silence. After several seconds he reached for the phone with a shaking hand and checked the notification. “No way…” he navigated to the message; a comment on his latest video….

Things End

A sharp knock at the door startled Eric. The sudden jump caused him to drop the phone from his hand. “Babe? I lost my key.” Vanessa’s voice came through the door. Eric stared at the phone embedded in the lush, grey carpet. It landed face up with the emergency message taking up the entire screen….

Magic Words

Something was different. Bijou blinked her crystal pink eyes several times, then she looked around her dorm. Golden sunlight poured in through the windows and highlighted her mess. A mix of clean and dirty clothes covered most of the floor, the computer chair, desk, and foot of her bed. Everything seemed to have a faint…

Cactus Needle

“Okay, I think I mostly understand all the ‘Unique’ stuff,” Lucas said. He gestured at the wide open wheat field that surrounded him and the white, featureless mannequin that was explaining things. “But how can this be a prison? There are no walls.” Despite the mannequin’s lack of face, she tilted her head upward. Lucas…

Loops of Love

“Don’t ask her how many,” Joseph said. The clean-shaven Joseph on the computer screen explained. A red-bearded Joseph watched himself on the video intently. “You don’t want to know. We,” the Joseph on the screen pointed at the camera. “…you still love her. She still loves you. Nothing has changed for you, keep loving and…

Royal Verdict

“I bet you didn’t expect me to have powers too, did you?” Mundo felt the strange thought in his head. The source of the smug statement, a scraggly-bearded man in an orange jump-suit, grinned at Mundo. The man massaged his wrists once the bailiff removed his cuffs. “It’s interesting that you ask…,” Mundo replied telepathically….

Zero Luck

“At last!” A gruff voice shouted. Stephen stepped out of his house to head to the store when the voice yelled. He turned to find the owner of the deep voice and saw his doppelganger striding towards him. The angry, shirtless man looked almost exactly like Stephen with minor differences. Stephen’s black crew cut was…

Heart’s Desire

“Junior! Wake up!” His mom’s voice penetrated the closed door. Junior was already awake; he heard her call the first time. This was the second call, but he always waited for the third one. He loved to make his mom come in and wake him up. Junior stared at the video game console on the…

Chomping Games

“She’s way O.P.,” Rook complained. She walked into the common room with Thumper and Grace; the rest of the 20-person raid broke up to do other things. “Ms. Sharp should make the nanos lock her out or something.” She tapped her golden breastplate to dismiss it, then plopped on one of the brown leather recliners….