Demon Dinner

Jallen bowed his head after the Magistrate announced his daughter’s name. The gathered villagers rose from the wooden pews in silence and began to file out of the church. After the church emptied of everyone else, the Magistrate made his way to Jallen and sat in the pew next to him. “I expect you won’t…

Sharp Acquisition

Paul rolled over in bed and stared at the ceiling. The morning sun cast a golden light on the cursed popcorn ceiling of his bedroom. The sunlight created thousands of tiny shadows against the texture. Over the years he scraped it off several times until he decided to start hiring a crew. He felt grateful…

Hell’s Kitchen

Flayer the Frightful made a gesture with his red, scaly hand and immediately the screaming agent collapsed unconscious. “Take her to the kitchen,” Flayer commanded. The other demons were already filing out of the summoning chamber laughing and talking amongst themselves. Flayer sighed, walked to the sleeping woman, and tossed her over his shoulder to…


Susan Dawkins woke in a comfortable position. As she opened her eyes to look around her she realized she lay reclined on a soft leather seat that fit her perfectly. She did not know where she was. The room did not look familiar, but it reminded her of the type of psychiatrist’s office she’d seen…

Skills (temporary)

This will be a temporary space until I have enough skills developed to create class and race pages.   {Gazelle’s Grace}: Beastmaster ability Group Buff: Gazelle’s Grace – Movement. 2x Speed; stacks with other group buffs.   {Shark Skin}: Beastmaster ability, Mermaid (shark variant) ability. Self Buff: Shark Skin – Armor. 3x Defense. Damage Shield….

Chuck (El Gallo)

Chuck’s stories in chronological order. D.M. – Demonic Master Timeless Picking Sides Bureaucratic Hell

Ballisea (El Sol)

Ballisea is trying to conquer as many Earths as she can. She’s a natural born Sun(#46). Here are Ballisea’s stories in chronological order. Zero Hero Necro Romancer Flutter Bye Abort, Retry, Fail? Magitech Trash Tourism Picking Sides

Vegas (El Borracho)

Vegas’ story in chronological order. Vegas (first appearance) Vegas Joins the Resistance Party Music Recruitment Lucky Lee The Rundown Soldier of Peace Vegas Destroys a City Getting the Band Back Together

Front Page

Hey folks, welcome to my writing blog. This is where I’ll collect my writings to share with the internet. Hopefully you’ll find something here to entertain you. I’m in the process of moving. All new content will be found on my new blog at Hugoverse: I have most of my universe planned out already,…