In the dynamic world of AlterNet roller derby, character customization and teamwork form the backbone of an engaging and strategic experience. Players create unique characters by choosing from 25 distinct classes and numerous specializations, each bringing their own set of abilities and playstyle to the table. To enhance the character customization process and facilitate team synergy, we have the concepts of “Roles” and the skill slot system.

The skill slot system is the foundation upon which character customization is built. Each character has a total of 10 available slots for skills, with six primary slots standardized across all characters. These slots are color-coded to represent different stats: Agility (Green), Charisma (Gold), Dexterity (Black), Intelligence (Blue), Stamina (Purple), and Strength (Red). The remaining four customizable slots are divided into two categories: Race and Class. The Race category contributes two slots, one each for “body” and “soul,” while the other two slots are dedicated to the chosen Class and its specialization.

Roles are determined by the color of the skill slot that each class specialization provides. The six roles are: Courier (Green/Agility Slot), Supporter (Gold/Charisma Slot), Rogue (Black/Dexterity Slot), Mage (Blue/Intelligence Slot), Tank (Purple/Stamina Slot), and Fighter (Red/Strength Slot).

  1. Courier (Green/Agility Slot) – Quick, agile characters who excel at shop interactions and delivering items to teammates. They ensure the team is well-equipped and that essential supplies are readily available.
  2. Supporter (Gold/Charisma Slot) – Specializing in healing and buffing, Supporters keep their team healthy and energized. Their abilities can heal, shield, or enhance the performance of their allies, making them invaluable in close matches.
  3. Rogue (Black/Dexterity Slot) – Cunning characters who rely on stealth and guile to disrupt opponents with burst damage, thievery, and shadow tricks. Rogues are elusive and thrive in sneaky gameplay, surprising their foes with unexpected attacks.
  4. Mage (Blue/Intelligence Slot) – Masters of area-of-effect (AoE) damage, Mages impact multiple opponents at once with devastating spells and abilities. They control the battlefield and dictate the pace of battle, forcing the enemy team to remain on the defensive.
  5. Tank (Purple/Stamina Slot) – Resilient defenders with high health pools and damage mitigation abilities, Tanks absorb damage and protect their teammates. They ensure vulnerable team members can perform their duties without being harassed by the enemy.
  6. Fighter (Red/Strength Slot) – Focused on applying consistent damage and pressure to single targets, Fighters excel in one-on-one combat. They are the team’s main source of sustained damage, wearing down their enemies and forcing them to retreat or risk being taken down.

The combination of the skill slot system and roles provides a rich and immersive gaming experience that caters to both casual and hardcore gamers. The balance of standardized primary skill slots and customizable Race and Class slots ensures that every character has a strong foundation while still allowing for personalization and creative expression. Players can allocate Ability Points to specific skills, select unique race combinations, and choose from a vast array of classes and specializations.

By understanding the roles and skill slot system, players can create a character that truly feels like their own. With six unique roles to choose from and countless combinations of race, body, and soul options, the possibilities for character customization are almost endless. As players level up, earn gold, and allocate Ability Points to their chosen skills, they can further refine and enhance their character’s abilities to become an even more formidable force on the roller derby track.

List of available AlterNet classes to choose from:

Bard (gold slot)

Bards are charismatic and versatile performers, captivating their teammates and disorienting their opponents with a wide range of musical talents. In the roller derby arena, Bards expertly use their instruments to inspire and empower their team, granting them temporary stat boosts and unlocking hidden potential. Bards can also manipulate their opponents’ emotions, causing confusion, fear, or even temporary paralysis. Skilled in both offense and support, Bards are an invaluable asset to any team seeking to maintain a competitive edge through the power of music and performance.


  • D.J. – Charisma spec. Supporter role. Gold skill slot.
  • Emcee. – Intelligence spec. Mage role. Blue skill slot.
  • Hot Mic – Strength spec. Fighter role. Red skill slot.

Beast Master (red slot)

Beast Masters are the ultimate companions to the creatures that inhabit the AlterNet. They form powerful bonds with their chosen beasts, harnessing their unique abilities to outmaneuver and overpower their opponents. With a keen understanding of animal behavior, Beast Masters can command their companions to perform devastating attacks, create barriers, or even heal teammates. Their strong connection with their beast allows them to work seamlessly in the heat of battle, making them formidable opponents and essential allies.


  • Beast Hunter – Intelligence spec. Mage role. Blue skill slot.
  • Beast Trainer -Charisma spec – Supporter role. Gold skill slot.
  • Soul Survivor – Stamina spec. Tank role. Purple skill slot.

Berzerker – (red slot)

Berzerkers are relentless warriors, fueled by an insatiable rage that drives them to dominate the roller derby track. Their raw power and aggression make them a force to be reckoned with, as they charge fearlessly into the fray. Berzerkers possess incredible strength and endurance, allowing them to barrel through opponents and soak up damage for their team. As their rage builds, their power increases exponentially, making them even more dangerous as the match progresses. Berzerkers thrive in the chaos of combat and can turn the tide of any game with their unyielding fury.


  • Dancestroyer – Charisma spec. – Supporter role. Gold skill slot.
  • Furycaster – Intelligence spec. – Mage role. Blue skill slot.
  • Rageslasher – Strength spec. – Fighter role. Red skill slot.

Card Mage – (white slot)

This class was added during the AlterNet Expansion patch. Their class ability is determined by their spec. Card Mages harness the power of an enchanted deck, combining the strategy of a trading card game with the fast-paced action of roller derby. They draw upon their vast knowledge of cards and tactics to unleash powerful spells and summon mystical creatures, altering the course of the match in an instant. Card Mages excel at controlling the flow of the game, adapting their strategy to counter their opponent’s moves and outwit their rivals. With each card played, their potential for devastation grows, making them unpredictable and versatile adversaries.

  • Gambler – Dexterity spec. Rogue role. Black skill slot.
  • Card Mage – Any – White skill slot.

Card Mage specs are determined by their decks. They come with a white slot that will accept any Active or Passive skill. A Card Mage may equip up to two decks. Card Mages may not equip Books or Dice. Introducing an array of captivating Card Mage decks, each designed to immerse players in various themes and playstyles. Discover the perfect deck to complement your strategy and dominate your opponents with these twelve enchanting options:

  • Fantasy Deck: Embrace the mystical world of fairies, unicorns, and dragons in this whimsical deck. Focused on healing, the Fantasy Deck excels in stamina-based abilities, using mythical creatures to keep the team healthy and resilient in battle.
  • Undead Deck: Command a legion of zombies, vampires, ghosts, and mummies with the Undead Deck. Specializing in overwhelming odds, this stamina-focused deck floods the battlefield with hordes of relentless, undead minions.
  • Pirates Deck: Assemble a crew of salty scoundrels with the Pirates Deck. With a roguish focus, these dexterous buccaneers bring surprise and destruction to the arena, outsmarting and outgunning their opponents.
  • Ninjas Deck: Unleash the power of the shadows with the Ninjas Deck. These unseen assassins specialize in stealth and precision, striking from the darkness with dexterity-based abilities to eliminate their targets.
  • Robots Deck: Engineer a formidable force of electricity and efficiency with the Robots Deck. This intelligence-driven deck showcases the might of advanced technology, maximizing energy and precision to outwit and overpower opponents.
  • Steampunk Deck: Harness the power of steam and clockwork with the Steampunk Deck. Utilizing hydropower and intricate machinery, this intelligence-based deck brings a touch of Victorian sophistication to the battlefield.
  • Divine Deck: Invoke the blessings of angels, saints, and prophets with the Divine Deck. Radiating charisma, this deck calls upon divine powers to heal, protect, and inspire allies in the struggle against darkness.
  • Demonic Deck: Delve into the sinister realm of demons, devils, and the fires of brimstone with the Demonic Deck. Overflowing with charisma, these nefarious beings use their dark powers to corrupt and bargain for control of the battlefield.
  • Hive Mind Deck: Command an army of insect troopers with the Hive Mind Deck. Working together in perfect harmony, this agility-focused deck swarms enemies with relentless coordination and ruthless efficiency.
  • Martial Artist Deck: Unleash the fury of kung fu masters with the Martial Artist Deck. Specializing in agility, this deck turns the Card Mage into a blend of speed and strength to deliver powerful, swift strikes against their adversaries.
  • Psychics Deck: Tap into the power of the mind with the Psychics Deck. With strength-based abilities, these mental warriors manipulate the environment and their foes, bending the very fabric of reality to their will.
  • Soldiers of War Deck: Mobilize an unstoppable force of tanks, planes, warships, and guerillas with the Soldiers of War Deck. Dominating the battlefield with strength and military might, this deck brings the full force of warfare to your fingertips.

Choose your preferred Card Mage deck and immerse yourself in a world of strategy, fantasy, and epic battles. Each unique theme offers a distinct playstyle, providing endless possibilities for experimentation and growth as you master the art of the Card Mage.

Clown – (white slot)

Clowns are the ultimate wild cards in roller derby, masters of mimicry and deception. Their unique ability to learn and replicate the abilities of other classes makes them both enigmatic and adaptable. Clowns can seamlessly switch roles on the fly, providing crucial support, dealing damage, or creating chaos as needed. Opponents struggle to predict their next move, and teammates marvel at their versatility. With an arsenal of copied abilities at their disposal, Clowns can turn the tide of any match, thriving in the unpredictable nature of their chosen role.

  • Juggler – Strength/Dexterity variant. Blue skill slot.
  • Rodeo Clown – Agility/Stamina variant. Clear skill slot.
  • Mime – Intelligence/Charisma variant. – Clear skill slot.

Craftsman – (clear slot)

Craftsmen are the master artisans of roller derby, renowned for their exceptional skills in smithing, tailoring, and other specialized crafts. With an unmatched dedication to their trade, they meticulously create and enhance equipment, imbuing their creations with unique properties that can turn the tide of a match. Craftsmen can choose from multiple specializations, each focusing on a specific aspect of gear crafting that bolsters their teammates’ performance. Whether it’s forging lightweight armor for speed or stitching enchanted garments for resilience, a Craftsman’s expertise is invaluable, elevating their team’s abilities and providing a strategic advantage on the track.


  • Armorsmith – Stamina spec. Purple skill slot.
  • Gunsmith – Intelligence spec. Blue skill slot.
  • Weaponsmith – Strength spec. Red skill slot.


  • Knitter – Intelligence spec. Blue skill slot.
  • Needler – Dexterity spec. Black skill slot.
  • Tanner – Agility spec. Green skill slot.


  • Cook – Agility spec. Green skill slot.
  • Brewer – Intelligence spec. Blue skill slot.
  • Herbalist – Stamina spec. Purple skill slot.


  • Swarm Monarch – Intelligence spec. Blue skill slot.
  • Project Manager – Charisma spec. – Gold skill slot.
  • Architect – Stamina spec. Purple skill slot.

Enchanter – (white slot)

Gatherer – (white slot)

Dancer – (clear slot)

Dancers are graceful, agile, and deadly, turning the roller derby arena into their own personal dance floor. With a unique combination of fluid movement and powerful attacks, they can dazzle their opponents and strike with lightning speed. Dancers are capable of weaving intricate patterns on the track, allowing them to evade attacks and create openings for their teammates. Their rhythmic movements can also generate powerful auras that enhance their team’s abilities or debilitate their foes. As masters of both physical and emotional expression, Dancers bring captivating and unpredictable energy to every match.

Druid – (purple slot)

Druids are the guardians of nature and masters of its untamed forces. In the roller derby arena, they call upon the power of plants, animals, and the elements to protect their teammates and disrupt their opponents. Druids can summon fierce animal companions, entangle foes with creeping vines, or harness the healing properties of flora to keep their team in fighting shape. Their deep connection to the natural world allows them to adapt and overcome any challenge, making them a versatile and invaluable ally on the track.

  • Feral – Strength variant. Red skill slot.
  • Healer – Charisma variant. Gold skill slot.
  • Earth spirit – Stamina variant. Purple skill slot.

Elementalist – (blue slot)

Elementalists wield the raw power of the elements, manipulating the environment to unleash devastating attacks and create formidable defenses. In the roller derby arena, these specialized mages can call upon fire, water, air, and earth to bend the battlefield to their will. With a flick of their wrist, an Elementalist can summon a torrential downpour to hinder their opponents, create a wall of flame to block their path, or whip up a gust of wind to propel their teammates forward. Their mastery of the elements makes them unpredictable and deadly, able to adapt their strategy to any situation and keep their enemies on their toes.


  • Earth Slammer – Stamina spec.Tank role. Purple skill slot.
  • Water Slider – Intelligence spec. Mage role. Blue skill slot.
  • Wind Jammer – Agility spec. Courier role. Green skill slot.
  • Hot Shot -Strength spec. Fighter role. Red skill slot.

Gunslinger – (black slot)

Gunslingers are sharpshooters and masters of firearms, bringing a non-magical edge to the roller derby arena. Skilled in precision and quick thinking, they can expertly target and neutralize magical enemies, disrupting spellcasters and nullifying enchantments with their specially-crafted ammunition. Their prowess in ranged combat allows them to control the battlefield from a distance, making it difficult for opponents to close the gap. Gunslingers are an essential counterbalance to magical classes, proving that raw skill and a steady hand can hold their own against even the most powerful spells.

  • Cannoneer – Strength spec.Fighter role. Red skill slot.
  • Sniper – Dexterity spec.Rogue role. Black skill slot.
  • Quickdraw – Agility spec. Courier role. Green skill slot.

Healer – (gold slot)

Healers are the lifeline of any roller derby team, specializing in the art of healing and rejuvenation. As the primary healing class in the game, they possess an unparalleled understanding of restorative magic and techniques. Healers can mend wounds, remove negative effects, and even revive fallen teammates, ensuring that their team remains in peak fighting condition. While other classes may possess some healing capabilities, it is the Healer’s singular focus and expertise that sets them apart. Their presence on the track can be the difference between victory and defeat, as they tirelessly work to keep their teammates on their feet and ready for battle.


  • Regen Specialist – Stamina spec. Tank role. Purple skill slot.
  • Soul Defender – Dexterity spec. Rogue role. Black skill slot.
  • Soul Tapper– Charisma spec. Supporter role. Gold skill slot.

Knight – (purple slot)

Knights are the stalwart protectors of the roller derby arena, donning heavy armor and wielding powerful weapons to defend their teammates and control the battlefield. With their unyielding resolve and expert combat skills, Knights can absorb damage and draw the attention of their opponents, allowing their allies to focus on their own tasks. Their tactical prowess and ability to strategize make them natural leaders, guiding their team through the chaos of battle. A well-coordinated team with a skilled Knight at the helm can prove nearly unstoppable on the track.


  • Banner Knight – Charisma spec. -Supporter role. Gold skill slot.
  • Battle Knight – Strength spec – Fighter role. Red skill slot.
  • Bunker Knight – Stamina spec – Tank role. Purple skill slot.

Lancer – (red slot)

Lancers are agile and versatile warriors, expertly wielding their signature weapons to deliver swift and deadly strikes. Their exceptional reach and precision allow them to target weak points and exploit openings in their opponents’ defenses. Lancers can quickly adapt to the flow of the roller derby match, transitioning seamlessly between offense and defense as needed. With their keen reflexes and unrivaled agility, Lancers excel at weaving through the chaos of battle, leaving a trail of fallen opponents in their wake.


  • Javelin Launcher– Agility spec. Courier role. Green skill slot.
  • Laser Lancer – Intelligence spec. Mage role. Blue skill slot.
  • Spearman – Dexterity spec. Rogue role. Black skill slot.

Librarian – (white slot)

Librarians are the erudite scholars of the roller derby world, possessing an encyclopedic knowledge of abilities and their interactions. Their keen intellect allows them to manipulate the effects of abilities as they happen, granting powerful bonuses to their allies or hindering their foes. Librarians can also share their knowledge with teammates, training them in new skills and strategies to gain an edge on the track. With their vast repository of information and tactical insight, Librarians can turn the tide of any match through careful planning and well-timed interventions.


  • Archivist – Intelligence spec. Mage role. Green skill slot.
  • Storyteller – Charisma spec. Supporter role. Gold skill slot.
  • Bookkeeper – Intelligence spec. Supporter role. Purple skill slot.

Merchant – (gold slot)

Merchants are the savvy traders and negotiators of the roller derby arena, setting up shop right on the track to supply both teams with valuable items and upgrades. Their unique position grants them the ability to influence the game’s outcome by providing players with powerful weapons, armor, and consumables. Merchants excel at identifying and capitalizing on opportunities, striking deals, and forging alliances to ensure their success. With a keen eye for business and an arsenal of goods at their disposal, Merchants can change the course of a match with a single transaction, proving that sometimes, the checkbook is mightier than the sword.


  • Buyer – Charisma spec. Gold skill slot.
  • Trader – Intelligence spec. Blue skill slot.
  • Vendor – Stamina spec. Purple skill slot.

Monk – (red slot)

Monks are disciplined and focused warriors, harnessing their inner strength and spiritual energy to dominate the roller derby arena. Skilled in martial arts and acrobatics, they can swiftly navigate the track, delivering powerful strikes and avoiding incoming attacks with ease. Monks can also channel their chi to unleash devastating abilities, bolster their own defenses, or enhance their teammates’ performance. With a perfect balance of mind and body, Monks bring a unique blend of speed, power, and adaptability to every match, proving that true strength comes from within.


  • Chakra Master – Intelligence spec. Mage role. Blue skill slot.
  • Chi Healer – Charisma spec. Supporter role. Gold skill slot.
  • Dragonfist – Strength spec. Fighter role. Red skill slot.

Necromancer – (blue slot)

Necromancers are masters of the dark arts, wielding the power of death and decay to control the roller derby battlefield. They can summon hordes of undead minions to harass their opponents, spread debilitating curses, and even drain the life force of their enemies to sustain themselves. Necromancers thrive in the shadows, manipulating the forces of death to tip the scales in their team’s favor. With a grim determination and an arsenal of sinister abilities, Necromancers instill fear in the hearts of their opponents and prove that sometimes, dead is better.


  • Plaguebearer – Intelligence spec. Mage role. Blue skill slot.
  • Reaper – Dexterity spec. Rogue role. Black skill slot.
  • Hordemaster – Charisma spec. Supporter role. Gold skill slot.

Ninja – (black slot)

Ninjas are the stealthy assassins of the roller derby world, striking from the shadows and vanishing without a trace. Their agility and speed allow them to infiltrate enemy lines and eliminate key targets with surgical precision. Ninjas excel at sabotage, disrupting their opponents’ plans and sowing chaos on the track. With an array of deadly weapons and a mastery of the art of deception, Ninjas can turn the tide of any match through cunning and guile, proving that the most dangerous enemy is the one you never see coming.


  • Assassin – Dexterity spec. Rogue role. Black skill slot.
  • Emissary – Agility spec. Courier role. Green skill slot.
  • Fury – Intelligence spec. Mage role. Blue skill slot.

Paladin – (purple slot)

Paladins are the noble champions of the roller derby arena, embodying the virtues of courage, honor, and justice. Wielding the power of light, they can smite their foes with divine wrath, cleanse their teammates of negative effects, and even heal their allies with their restorative magic. Paladins are a bastion of hope and inspiration for their team, standing firm against the forces of darkness and rallying their comrades to victory. With their unwavering resolve and indomitable spirit, Paladins prove that sometimes, the brightest light comes from the darkest times.


  • Fortress Paladin – Stamina spec. Tank role. – Purple skill slot.
  • Divine Word Paladin– Intelligence spec. Mage role. Blue skill slot.
  • Righteous Paladin – Strength spec. Fighter role. Red skill slot.

Ranger – (green slot)

Rangers are the expert marksmen and survivalists of the roller derby world, adept at tracking their prey and striking from a distance. With their keen senses and unparalleled accuracy, they can target their opponents’ weak points and eliminate threats before they even have a chance to react. Rangers are also skilled in the art of camouflage and ambush, blending into their surroundings and launching surprise attacks on unsuspecting foes. With their razor-sharp instincts and lethal precision, Rangers control the battlefield from afar, proving that it’s not the size of the weapon, but the skill of the wielder that counts.


  • Archer – Agility spec. Courier role. Green skill slot.
  • Hunter – Dexterity spec. Rogue role. Black skill slot.
  • Tracker – Intelligence spec. Mage role. Blue skill slot.

Samurai – (purple slot)

Samurai are the honorable warriors of the roller derby arena, devoted to the code of Bushido and wielding their legendary katanas with unmatched precision. Their disciplined training and unyielding spirit grant them incredible strength and resilience, enabling them to stand toe-to-toe with the fiercest opponents. Samurai can unleash devastating sword techniques, cleaving through enemy ranks and striking down foes with a single, decisive blow. With their unwavering loyalty and commitment to their team, Samurai embody the true essence of a warrior, proving that honor is more than just a word.


  • Ronin – Strength spec. Fighter role. Red skill slot.
  • Royal Guard – Stamina spec. Tank role. Purple skill slot.
  • Town Guard – Agility spec. Courier role. Green skill slot.

Spellslingers – (blue slot)

Spellslingers are the fast-paced arcane gunslingers of the roller derby world, channeling their magical energy through enchanted firearms to unleash a barrage of spells on their foes. Their rapid-fire casting and lightning-fast reflexes make them a formidable presence on the track, able to adapt to any situation with ease. Spellslingers excel at weaving powerful spells and potent enchantments into their attacks, creating dazzling displays of magical prowess that leave their opponents reeling. With their unique blend of arcane mastery and gun-slinging skill, Spellslingers prove that sometimes, the fastest draw is the one that casts the spell.


  • Riot Mage – Strength spec. Fighter role. Red skill slot.
  • Sidearm Mage – Agility spec. Courier role. Green skill slot.
  • SpellSniper – Dexterity spec. Rogue role. Black skill slot.

Sword Mage – (red slot)

Sword Mages are the perfect fusion of martial prowess and arcane mastery, wielding enchanted blades that amplify their magical power. Their unique fighting style allows them to seamlessly blend swordplay and spellcasting, delivering devastating attacks that can overwhelm even the most stalwart of foes. Sword Mages are equally adept at both offense and defense, able to create protective barriers and counter incoming attacks with their own arcane energy. With their unrivaled versatility and mastery of both blade and spell, Sword Mages are a force to be reckoned with on the roller derby battlefield.


  • Greatsword Mage – Strength spec. Fighter role. Red skill slot.
  • Rapier Mage – Dexterity spec. Rogue role. Black skill slot.
  • Scimitar Mage – Agility spec. Courier role. Green skill slot.


Thieves are the cunning and elusive masters of subterfuge, using their agility and guile to outmaneuver their opponents and secure victory for their team. In the roller derby arena, Thieves can slip past enemy lines, pilfer valuable items, and sabotage their foes’ plans with ease. Their keen senses and quick reflexes make them difficult to pin down, and their mastery of stealth and deception allows them to strike when least expected. With a well-timed heist or a clever feint, Thieves can change the course of any match, proving that sometimes, the best offense is a good deception.


  • Mastermind – Intelligence spec. Mage role. Blue skill slot.
  • Pickpocket – Dexterity spec. Rogue role. Black skill slot.
  • Runner – Agility spec. Courier role. Green skill slot.


Wizards are the quintessential spellcasters, harnessing the raw power of the arcane to devastate their foes and control the battlefield. In the roller derby arena, their vast repertoire of spells and unparalleled magical knowledge make them a force to be reckoned with. Wizards can summon elemental storms, create illusions to confound their enemies, and even bend the fabric of reality to their will. With their extensive understanding of magic and its applications, Wizards can adapt to any situation and devise creative solutions to the challenges they face, proving that knowledge truly is power.


  • Arcane Wizard – Intelligence spec. Mage role. Blue skill slot.
  • Elemental Wizard – Strength spec. Fighter role. Red skill slot.
  • Storm Wizard – Agility spec. Courier role. Green skill slot.