List of available AlterNet Races to choose from:


  • Cherub– Charisma variant. Child-like angels

Body skill – Hover – character floats off the ground.

Soul skill – Playful Aura – Team aura that grants minor regeneration,

light armor boost, or light speed boost. Characters may change Aura

once per lap for free.

  • Hallowed – Intelligence variant. Adult angels with golden halos.

Body skill – Grounding Halo – Halo negates one spell cast on

character, once per round/lap.

Soul skill – Runed Halo – Characters may use their halo as a passive

blue skill slot.

  • Seraphim – Agility variant Six-winged angels.

Body skill – Angelic Dash – Free short-range mobility skill/dash.

Soul skill – Winged Soul – Permanent minor speed boost.


  • Fisher – Agility variant. Stork folk.

Body skill-

Soul skill-

  • Owl -Intelligence variant. Owl people.

Body skill-

Soul skill-

  • Raptor – Strength variant. Hawk guys.

Body skill-

Soul skill-


  • Cheetah – Agility variant.

Body skill-

Soul skill-

  • Lion – Strength variant.

Body skill-

Soul skill-

  • Tiger – Stamina variant.

Body skill-

Soul skill-


  • Horse-half – Stamina variant.

Body skill-

Soul skill-

  • Stag-half – Intelligence variant.

Body skill-

Soul skill-

  • Unicorn-half – Charisma variant.

Body skill-

Soul skill-


  • Horned Devil – Dexterity variant. This demon’s horns are magically distracting. The first time someone notices the demon, they’ll be compelled to look at its horns and away from its hands.

Body skill- Sulfur Form – Characters can turn themselves into a sulfur

cloud to Avoid attacks. Duration may be increased at the cost of resources.

Soul skill- Igniting Cloud – Characters become a sulfur cloud that

ignites itself as well as any other ignitable effects in the area. Cool

down requires two laps on the dance track.

  • Tormentor – Strength variant. These buff demons have supernatural strength. No wings, no horns.

Body skill – Hellsmash – free attack boost that applies a brimstone

DoT effect once per lap.

Soul skill – Hellbreath – free firebreath attack once per lap.

  • Winged Demon – These demons have wings.

Body skill – Characters can fly.

Soul skill – Devil’s Marker – Character’s “soul” is an I.O.U. belonging to Satan that cannot be destroyed by any means. – Characters are immune to status effects and elemental damage. Body HP can still be worn down to zero through physical attacks and non-element magics.


  • Fox – Intelligence variant. Fox folk.

Body skill-

Soul skill-

  • Pedigree – Charisma variant. Domestic breed-persons..

Body skill-

Soul skill-

  • Wild Dog – Agility variant. Wolves, jackals, hyenas, etc.

Body skill-

Soul skill-


  • Molten Dwarf – Strength variant. These dwarves are born when a dwarf falls into a star-forge while working. Their drive to finish their work animates a molten dwarf. These dwarves are not considered to be the same soul as the fallen dwarf; they’re replacements.

Body skill – Molten Touch- Characters may channel molten iron through their hands similar to Unique Soul #35, La Estrella. Requires an active forge on the Dance track.

Soul skill- Molten Soul – Character may add boosted fire element to any attack or skill twice per lap.

  • Mountain Dwarf – Agility variant. Dwarves known for carving their cities out of mountains. They move quickly through the mountain both inside and out.

Body skill- Peak Experience – Medium Cold Resistance boost.

Debuffs that reduce speed have a shorter duration.

Soul skill – ? – permanent minor speed boost.

  • Stone Dwarf – Stamina variant. Dwarven cities are deep and ancient. It’s not uncommon for dwarves to find themselves lost on occasion. When a lost dwarf has given up hope they begin carving their replacement out of the mountain. They are given life with the dwarf’s last breath. Like the molten dwarves, these are replacements not the original.

Body skill- Stone skin – Major armor buff. Self-target, single-target Aura.

Soul skill- Stone soul – Characters are immune to poison. Permanent minor armor boost.


  • Earth Elemental – Stamina variant.

Body skill- Armor up – Free single target minor Armor buff once per lap.

Soul skill- Earthen affinity – reduces damage from Earth attacks.

  • Fire Elemental – Strength variant.

Body skill- Attack Up

Soul skill- Fireshot – Free Fire attack skill once per lap.

  • Wind Elemental – Agility variant.

Body skill- Dash – Free dash once per lap.

Soul skill- Speed Up – Permanent minor speed boost.

  • Water Elemental – Intelligence variant.

Body skill- Blast – free aoe skill, Water damage once every lap.

Soul skill- Magic Up – Free magic boost once per turn. Magic boost affects the next skill cast.

  • Void Elemental – Dexterity variant.

Body skill- Free hide/stealth skill once per turn.

Soul skill- Soul Void – Absorbs applied status effects; removes them and allows the caster to apply them to a new target.

  • Sun Elemental – Charisma variant.

Body skill-

Soul skill –


  • Forest Elves – Agility variant. These elves live among the treetops.

Body skill- Forage – Allows the character to find extra resources once per lap. Found resource = quarter lap.

Soul skill –

  • House Elves – Dexterity variant. These tiny elves live in the walls of houses.They are masters at disappearing, even out in the open.

Body skill- Void Hop – Characters are able to vanish if no one is watching them once per two laps.

Soul skill – Helpful Soul – Characters reduce skill cost for team members by ¼ lap.

  • Royal Elves – Intelligence variant.

Body skill -Tradition of Knowledge – Character may choose one Blue/Int Active skill *(from a list) to learn permanently.

Soul skill – Educated Soul – Character may choose Blue/Int Passive skill *(from a list. TBD.) to learn permanently.


  • Butterfly Fairy – Charisma variant. These fairies have butterfly wings and are known to be very charismatic.

Body skill- Fairy Form – Characters can alter their size to anything between their full height and fairy size.

Soul skill- Fairy Dust – Character can sprinkle fairy dust on a target. Grants a minor regen bonus and cleanses status effects.

  • Dragonfly Fairy – Agility variant. Dragonfly wings allow these fairies to be very nimble.

Body skill- Fairy Dash – Characters may change direction/double jump in mid-air

Soul skill- Dragonfly Dust – Characters may sprinkle magic dust on a target. Grants a minor speed boost and a minor regen bonus.

  • Beetle Fairy -Stamina Variant – These fairies use their beetle-like wings as armor.

Body skill- Slam -Free shield slam that can be used without a shield.

Soul skill- Beetle Dust – characters may sprinkle magic dust on a target. Grants increased armor and a minor regen bonus.


  • Goat(ram horns) – Stamina variant.

Body skill –

Soul skill –

  • Deer(antlers) – Intelligence variant.

Body skill –

Soul skill –

  • Unicorn – Charisma variant.

Body skill –

Soul skill –


  • Diamond elemental – Stamina variant.

Body skill –

Soul skill –

  • Garnet elemental – Strength variant.

Body skill –

Soul skill –

  • Sapphire elemental – Intelligence variant.

Body skill –

Soul skill –

Goblins* –

  • Business – Charisma variant. – Trades are always in this Goblin’s favor. Characters will often have goblins do their trading for them unless they trust the person, or don’t know any better. They always get more than they pay for.

Body skill – Sticky Fingers – Gets an automatic discount applied after a price is agreed on. During a derby match, the goblin is refunded resources after using a skill.

Soul skill – Greedy soul – Resource income boost. During a trade the vendor is compelled to comp the goblin extras. During a derby match, the Goblin Soul earns extra resources per lap completed.

  • Tinkerer – Intelligence variant – Tinkerers are highly adaptable craftsmen that work constantly to optimize their workflow.

Body skill – Better Faster – The more a Goblin crafts within a certain period, the better their crafting becomes. During a derby match the entire game counts. Each craft has a chance to apply a crafting speed buff or an improved final product buff. Buffs can stack but they’re temporary. Each stack refreshes the timer of whichever buff it applies.

Soul skill – Tinker Town – Tinker soul gets a crafting bonus for every other goblin (body or soul) on the team.

  • Tribal – Strength variant – Mostly feral goblins that live in the forest

Body skill – Signal Flare – Tribal goblins are never alone. Character fires a flare that will summon aid somehow. Random effect: Mysterious Flaming Arrow, Mysterious Attack buff, Mysterious Gift (resources), etc..

Soul skill – Sympathetic Strength – Character gets a strength bonus for every other goblin (body or soul) on the team.


  • Clockwork gnome – Intelligence variant.

Body skill- Specialized Gears- character can designate one of their slotted skills to be cast for a reduced cost. Cannot be changed during a game.

Soul skill – Efficient Casting – Intelligence skills cost 15% fewer resources to cast.

  • Common gnome – Dexterity variant.

Body skill – Gnomish Stealth – Characters may hide in plain sight even if someone is watching. Cooldown requires two laps on the dance track.

Soul skill – Gnomish innovation – Increases crit rate for skills, increases chance of successful crafting, increases crafting speed, enables crafting crit that will yield multiple items or stronger effects. Each craft generates one random buff. Buff is only helpful for one craft.

  • Forest gnome – Agility variant.

Body skill – Nimble – Permanent moderate speed boost.

Soul skill- Forest Spirit – Reduced damage from Earth element, reduced poison and charm duration.

Human –

  • Standard race – No variants.

Body skill – Strive to improve – Characters may master a single active skill one grade higher than normal.

Soul skill – Human spirit – Characters may master a single passive skill one grade higher than normal.


  • Chameleon – Dexterity variant.

Body skill – Dual Focus – Characters may target a second character with any single target skill once per lap.

Soul skill – Hard to See – Characters may start their next lap invisible. Two lap cool down.

  • Gecko – Agility variant.

Body skill – Vertical Speed – Characters speed is doubled when climbing vertical surfaces.

Soul skill – Floaty Jump – Fall damage reduced by half.

  • Salamander -Strength variant.

Body skill – Greasy Skin – Characters may secrete a flammable substance from their fingertips.

Soul skill – Roasted – Incoming Fire damage is reduced by 75%.


  • Octo-mermaid* – Intelligence variant. 8-legged bottom half. They can disguise their tentacles as legs while walking on land. The disguise is generated by nanos and the legs appear completely human. Granted an octopus pet.

Body skill – 8 arms – Passive skill that raises the character’s ‘Hand’ count to 8 where applicable. Examples include: Card Mages having a maximum hand size of 8; Jugglers equipping 8 one-handed weapons.

Soul skill – Inky Intellect – Permanent Passive skill. Characters see through any Void skills used.

  • Shark mermaid* – Stamina variant. Shark bottom half. Nanos grant them legs while on land. Granted a shark pet.

Body skill – Shark skin – Characters may thicken their skin once per lap. Grants moderate armor boost and minor damage shield.

Soul skill – Thick soul – Moderate increase to debuff resistance.

  • Siren – Charisma variant.- Fish bottom half. They swim through the air as easily as they do in water. They float over land and do not need legs.

Body skill – Alluring Gaze – Attempts to charm a target once per turn. May expend resources to hit multiple targets.

Soul skill – Enchanted Soul – Character is immune to Sleep, Confuse, and Charm.


  • Bison Head – Intelligence variant

Body skill –

Soul skill –

  • Longhorn – Stamina variant

Body skill –

Soul skill – .

  • Spanish Bull – Strength variant.

Body skill –

Soul skill –


  • Cobra – Intelligence variant. Hooded naga-gals.

Body skill –

Soul skill –

  • Constrictor – Stamina variant.

Body skill

Soul skill –

  • Viper – Agility variant.

Body skill –

Soul skill –


  • Hill Ogre – Stamina variant. Standard big dumb ogre.

Body skill – Big Bodied – Ogres may use their Stamina score instead of Strength for attacks. This changes the elemental affinity of the skill to Earth.

Soul skill – Big Soul – Ogre souls may use their Stamina stat instead of Charisma for support skills. This changes the elemental affinity of the skill to Earth.

  • Two-headed Ogre – Intelligence variant. Caster ogre.

Body skill – Two-headed – May wear two helmets, four earrings, two Necklaces. May activate two skills simultaneously.

Soul skill – Inner Voice – May echo(free) a skill cast once per lap. Resources may be spent to ignore the cooldown.


  • Standard monster race. No variants.

Body skill –

Soul skill –

Reptile* –

  • Frog – Agility variant

Body skill –

Soul skill –

  • Gator – Strength variant

Body skill –

Soul skill –

  • Tortoise -Stamina variant

Body skill –

Soul skill –

Slime –

  • Rubber Slime – Agility variant. Rubber slimes are able to move fast by bouncing on their rubber to increase their gait.

Body skill – Rubber Silk. This skill lets rubber slimes create rubbery silk that’s similar to spider silk. They can use this to make rubbery or sticky webs. Produces a small amount of Rubber silk per lap.

Soul skill – Rubber Soul – Increased resistance against Impact damage. Reduced resistance to Piercing damage.

  • Sand Slime – Stamina. Sand slimes are like sentient quicksand.

Body skill – Sandtrap – Characters may create a quicksand clone that traps/clings to anyone that touches it.

Soul skill – Sandstorm – Characters may create a sudden localized sandstorm for a small amount of time. Time and intensity can be increased at the cost of resources.

  • Jelly Slime – Intelligence. Jelly slimes are the casters of the race.

Body skill – Elemental Napalm – Characters may spread element-infused jelly on any surface (or gather in a container) for

explosive results. Resource cost goes up with the amount created.

Soul skill – Elemental Insulation – Can spread element-infused jelly on any surface(or gather in a container) for various positive effects. Earth grants increased armor and increases resistance to Earth. Fire grants increased attack and increased resistance to fire, etc… Wind – speed boost, Void – sneak/camouflage/invisibility, Water – magic boost, Sun – regen effect


  • Floral* – Charisma variant.

Body skill – Pollen Bomb – Status effect aoe attack. Casts Blind and Distracted on an enemy target. Affects ¼ track around the target.

Soul skill – Charming scent – Free weak Charm aura. It’s not really supposed to Charm anyone, but it makes it difficult to concentrate. Opponent skill cost raised when within ¼ track of this character.

  • Succulent – Intelligence variant

Body skill – Spiny Skin – Permanent minor damage shield

Soul skill – Quenched soul – Character is immune to charm, sleep, and poison.

  • Tree– Stamina variant

Body skill – Barkskin -increased armor, HP regen and duration of positive status effects. Reduces duration of negative status effects.

Soul skill – Wisdom of the Earth – Character can see of their opponent’s stats including buffs, trap cards, etc


  • Jungle Troll -Charisma variant- Jungle trolls have a shamanistic/druidic relationship with nature.

Body skill – Venomous Saliva – Characters may coat their weapons with saliva to add a small poison DoT to their attacks.

Soul skill – Blessed by Nature – Character gains permanent moderate health regeneration boost.

  • Mountain Troll – Stamina variant. These hearty trolls can withstand extreme cold.

Body skill – Furry Coat – Permanent minor armor boost.Permanent moderate cold resistance boost.

Soul skill – Frigid Soul – Character is immune to Freeze status and Slippery surfaces.

  • River Troll – Intelligence variant. These Trolls mastered the river and learned hydro-power early in their development. They’ve evolved into a steampunk society.

Body skill – –

Soul skill – Efficient Flow – Using multiple Intelligence skills in a row reduces the cost of the next skill.


10 bonus races that may only fit into the Soul slot.

  • Banshee
  • Cyber
  • Dragon
  • Imp
  • Mist
  • Skeleton
  • Spider
  • Unicorn
  • Vampire
  • Werewolf