Expository Interrogation

“I didn’t mean to hurt them!” Elsa Fuller yelled the moment Dr. Mundo opened the door. She pleaded from her shackled seat as the doctor stepped into the room. “Their corpses say otherwise,” Dr. Mundo sat down in front of Elsa. The woman in a straight jacket shook her head. “I can control time! I…

Dreaded Surprise

Robert’s phone chimed for the first time in two years. The forgotten sound distracted him from his lunch and he stared at his phone in silence. After several seconds he reached for the phone with a shaking hand and checked the notification. “No way…” he navigated to the message; a comment on his latest video….

Manual Labor

Jasper’s eyes shot open and he sat up in bed cradling his right hand. Burning pain on his wrist woke him up and he searched the room, from the bed, for any sign of the cause. He saw nothing threatening in his room and turned his attention to the throbbing pain. “Ahhhhh hell,” he sighed….

Informal Introductions

“We should’ve had these on before we got here,” Alliane said. She struggled to secure the royal blue bowtie around her throat. The sweat pouring down her ruddy face and hands made the task more troublesome than it should have been. Her long, black hair irritated her more by sticking to her hands and face….

Loops of Love

“Don’t ask her how many,” Joseph said. The clean-shaven Joseph on the computer screen explained. A red-bearded Joseph watched himself on the video intently. “You don’t want to know. We,” the Joseph on the screen pointed at the camera. “…you still love her. She still loves you. Nothing has changed for you, keep loving and…

Royal Verdict

“I bet you didn’t expect me to have powers too, did you?” Mundo felt the strange thought in his head. The source of the smug statement, a scraggly-bearded man in an orange jump-suit, grinned at Mundo. The man massaged his wrists once the bailiff removed his cuffs. “It’s interesting that you ask…,” Mundo replied telepathically….

First Gear

“Huh.” Greg stared at the watch parts scattered on the concrete sidewalk. He looked at the stopped cars in the street; they were driving by at full-speed moments ago. Greg wanted to cross, but did not want to wait for the light. He reached into his pocket for the watch. He squeezed the button too…

Inopportune Opportunity

“Thank you, ma’am,” Perry winked at the cashier and gave her his best smile. The steady, green “90” hovering above her head changed to red and jumped up to 100. “I’m losing my touch,” he thought as he walked away with the small bag of hair products including a fresh box of green dye. He…